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# We from the Oslo project decided to pin repos based on the
# commit hash instead of the version tag to prevend arbitrary
# code from running in developer's machines. To update to a
# newer version, run `pre-commit autoupdate` and then replace
# the newer versions with their commit hash.
python: python3
- repo:
rev: 9136088a246768144165fcc3ecc3d31bb686920a # v3.3.0
- id: trailing-whitespace
# Replaces or checks mixed line ending
- id: mixed-line-ending
args: ['--fix', 'lf']
exclude: '.*\.(svg)$'
# Forbid files which have a UTF-8 byte-order marker
- id: check-byte-order-marker
# Checks that non-binary executables have a proper shebang
- id: check-executables-have-shebangs
# Check for files that contain merge conflict strings.
- id: check-merge-conflict
# Check for debugger imports and py37+ breakpoint()
# calls in python source
- id: debug-statements
- id: check-yaml
files: .*\.(yaml|yml)$
- repo: local
- id: flake8
name: flake8
- hacking>=3.0.1,<3.1.0
language: python
entry: flake8
files: '^.*\.py$'
exclude: '^(doc|releasenotes|tools)/.*$'