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  OpenDev Sysadmins 363008829a OpenDev Migration Patch 3 days ago
  Zuul f10322a67c Merge "Add `FabricCollection` and `Fabric` classes" 5 days ago
  Zuul dc6197ca2a Merge "Expand Drive schema" 5 days ago
  Zuul 933a70beed Merge "Deprecate System-specific `IndicatorLED` state constants" 5 days ago
  Ilya Etingof f2cf60f3ce Deprecate System-specific `IndicatorLED` state constants 1 week ago
  Zuul 34971086b0 Merge "Dropping the py35 testing" 1 week ago
  Ghanshyam Mann fa09bbcee9 Dropping the py35 testing 1 week ago
  Bill Dodd 2f08e09a09 Update model to support ApplyTime annotations 1 month ago
  Riccardo Pittau 324f564c7e Expand Drive schema 1 week ago
  Zuul 9a138d4ec9 Merge "Add versions to release notes series" 2 weeks ago
  Ilya Etingof 4ad580bbc8 Add settable `IndicatorLED` property to the `Drive` resource 2 weeks ago
  Ilya Etingof c8a63542cf Add settable `IndicatorLED` of `System` and `Chassis` 2 weeks ago
  Zuul 7180a45763 Merge "Add support for loading packaged standard registries" 2 weeks ago
  Zuul c196047fe2 Merge "Add mappings for `system_type`" 4 weeks ago
  Dmitry Tantsur d35a30f856 Add versions to release notes series 1 month ago
  Varsha e348ac8dd5 Add mappings for `system_type` 1 month ago
  Varsha 680d023ab6 Add `FabricCollection` and `Fabric` classes 1 month ago
  Julia Kreger 5b5794d7aa Change sushy devstack job to python3 8 months ago
  Lin Yang fc311f9ddb Fix wrong default JsonDataReader() argument 1 month ago
  Aija Jaunteva 7993f04490 Add support for loading packaged standard registries 8 months ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 798458d444 Update master for stable/stein 1 month ago
  Zuul fb465bc3e0 Merge "Add support for the `CompositionService` resource" 1 month ago
  Zuul b5c7db039d Merge "Add foundation for supporting Redfish OEMs" 1 month ago
  Zuul 8c07c2553c Merge "Add support for ilo Virtual Media" 1 month ago
  Debayan Ray 668c40dec4 Add foundation for supporting Redfish OEMs 1 year ago
  dnuka 63fc3595a4 Introduce default value for `transfer_protocol` parameter 1 month ago
  ankit 9bd1d6b0dd Add support for ilo Virtual Media 2 months ago
  dnuka 396da34b75 Add support for the `CompositionService` resource 6 months ago
  Zuul 0b3241b0bd Merge "Add support for the `UpdateService` resource" 2 months ago
  dnuka 88aeb030c3 Add support for the `UpdateService` resource 5 months ago
  Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira 945edeb863 Follow Up Zuulv3 2 months ago
  Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira 185b2503cb Move to zuulv3 2 months ago
  dnuka 69f5e98504 Introduce `dateutil` 4 months ago
  Zuul 30d07ce541 Merge "Update to public" 3 months ago
  Zuul 3c7ddb1d19 Merge "Update the docstring of `sub_processors()`" 3 months ago
  Zuul f12eb8d35a Merge "Add Chassis<->ComputerSystem/Manager linkage" 3 months ago
  Zuul e0a2c48827 Merge "Add missing tests" 3 months ago
  dnuka 70485a977e Update the docstring of `sub_processors()` 3 months ago
  dnuka 02ddce7d5b Update to public 3 months ago
  dnuka 47053d4326 Add missing tests 4 months ago
  Ilya Etingof bbbadbd0b5 Add Chassis<->ComputerSystem/Manager linkage 4 months ago
  Ilya Etingof dedc0e38c7 Add System<->Manager linkage follow up 3 months ago
  Zuul 815da08998 Merge "Add System<->Manager linkage" 3 months ago
  Ilya Etingof 0bf7cbf14d Add System<->Manager linkage 4 months ago
  Zuul 3ac4cbd42d Merge "Unify sushy models by Redfish schema bundle" 4 months ago
  Zuul 5fbc00ed91 Merge "Add `ChassisCollection` and `Chassis` classes" 4 months ago
  Zuul 3d3eec0aa5 Merge "Cleanup JsonDataReader name" 4 months ago
  melissaml 5353214bed Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss and update URL 4 months ago
  Gabriela Soria c5d13e4385 Add `ChassisCollection` and `Chassis` classes 6 months ago
  Aija Jaunteva 9a0b773438 Cleanup JsonDataReader name 5 months ago