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  John Dickinson 4113b481e2 added authors, changelog, and .mailmap 5 years ago
  Chmouel Boudjnah 64b976e139 Add plumbing. 5 years ago
  TheSriram ad99f29655 fix(gitignore) : ignore *.egg and *.egg-info 5 years ago
  Peter Portante aab43abbbd Ignore coverage HTML directory and MANIFEST. 5 years ago
  Jon Snitow 0d5d06ec85 Make sure users can't remove their account quotas 5 years ago
  Kun Huang 1685b4466a update .gitignore 6 years ago
  Victor Rodionov 165af3f603 fix dict duplicated key 6 years ago
  Peter Portante 94edaf3009 Ignore pycscope files 6 years ago
  Maru Newby 860c7cda13 Add support for venv-based test run with tox. 7 years ago
  gholt 9520af1be2 Updating changelog for 1.4.3 7 years ago