37 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thiago da Silva d64b007deb add storage policy option 4 years ago
  Christian Schwede ae51e6b26f Fix bug when using --log-level option 4 years ago
  Samuel Merritt 418ae6f13a Clean up some conf parsing 4 years ago
  John Dickinson cf0f1d1da9 fixed log formatter issues 5 years ago
  Chmouel Boudjnah b207aaca07 Make swift-bench not depending on swift. 5 years ago
  Chmouel Boudjnah 64b976e139 Add plumbing. 5 years ago
  ZhiQiang Fan 58abba2a1a Change OpenStack LLC to Foundation 5 years ago
  Ksenia Demina f67af4c529 Add delay in swift-bench 5 years ago
  Darrell Bishop a4e6cefa80 Don't delete containers when they weren't created. 6 years ago
  Victor Rodionov 165af3f603 fix dict duplicated key 6 years ago
  Kun Huang 7e0bfb0fc1 Change logger name to module itself instead of root 6 years ago
  Samuel Merritt 26f5e1bf95 Add more command-line options to swift-bench. 6 years ago
  Joe Arnold 494979661b Fixed swift-bench when using -b and a conf file 6 years ago
  John Dickinson b83e27cba0 changed TRUE_VALUES references to utils.config_true_value() call 6 years ago
  John Dickinson 2562381e1c fix config parsing in swift-bench -x 6 years ago
  Darrell Bishop 2e89f09bc4 Can run swift-bench across multiple cores/servers. 6 years ago
  Darrell Bishop 7335bea08e Misc. swift-bench improvements. 6 years ago
  ning_zhang b4aab01ddd To simulate the real workloads, the objects to be uploaded could be created in the random sizes, which are bounded (lower_object_size and upper_object_size) by the user inputs. 6 years ago
  Florian Hines 577185db28 Fix Dispersion report and swift-bench on saio 6 years ago
  François Charlier aafb98212a swift-bench should be able to use auth version 2.0 7 years ago
  John Dickinson 84aa3f57e0 updated copyright date for all files 7 years ago
  David Goetz 6cf87bbec4 changing /usr/bin/python to /usr/bin/env python 8 years ago
  Clay Gerrard a2c9757ece logging refactor to support proxy access logs 8 years ago
  gholt a0fd28172d Updates to remove _ usage that is not i18n related 8 years ago
  Clay Gerrard 648560e811 pep8 fo' realz 8 years ago
  Anne Gentle 20813df36d Changed copyright notices on py files and the single rst file with a copyright notice 8 years ago
  Clay Gerrard 7c2f2c7be3 pep8 8 years ago
  Clay Gerrard 14e487d6da fixed missing NamedLogger import in bin/swift-bench, refactored 8 years ago
  gholt c9e41f98d4 Cleaned up the bins; patched the broken test (when run standalone) 8 years ago
  Michael Barton 3c71b092a8 add gettext to all binaries 8 years ago
  Chuck Thier 5be4ed8d0c Updated swift-bench to put to several containers (20 by default) instead of just 1 8 years ago
  Chuck Thier 51f0ae10af Somehow I missed the commit to print the whole help, not just usage 8 years ago
  Chuck Thier 028063c129 Updated to print usage by default if no args are passed, and added --saio to run with saio defaults 8 years ago
  Chuck Thier afe8d3f1c9 added apache license to the new files 8 years ago
  Chuck Thier 143e9efb0a Refactored swift-bench to reuse client.py and direct_client.py 8 years ago
  Chuck Thier 7543132ba0 Missed a rename 8 years ago
  Chuck Thier 88aa7907f5 Initial checkin of benchmark code 8 years ago