21 Commits (2e0ebfbff3f0c9063686a8e0dcf31efdfb4094d1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
John Dickinson 2e0ebfbff3 Use upstream patched Pool.get 8 years ago
Clay Gerrard 0b37026911 Add a Timeout when getting Memcache connections 8 years ago
Peter Portante 6607beab0d Don't apply timeout to Pool.get operation (leaks) 8 years ago
Chuck Thier ae8470131e Pool memcache connections 8 years ago
ZhiQiang Fan f72704fc82 Change OpenStack LLC to Foundation 8 years ago
Peter Portante c067abd21e Pep8 unit test modules for hacking and one liners (4 of 12) 8 years ago
David Goetz f85cf2b827 close socket on exceptions 9 years ago
Chuck Thier e88ff34685 Cleanup of file permissions 9 years ago
Tong Li 2267b030bf Swift MemcacheRing (set) interface is incompatible fixes 9 years ago
Peter Portante 1ac7b88a27 Use a delta timeout for memcache where possible 9 years ago
Alex Yang d56772a898 Fix pep8 issues in test_memcached.py. 9 years ago
Vincent Untz e1ff51c045 Do not use pickle for serialization in memcache, but JSON 9 years ago
Darrell Bishop 3d3ed34f44 Adding StatsD logging to Swift. 10 years ago
John Dickinson 1ecf5ebba1 updated copyright date for all files 10 years ago
gholt e1597a0ae2 Make memcached allow no port = default port 10 years ago
David Goetz a3474704c2 ratelimiting does not handle memcache restart 11 years ago
Anne Gentle 8823427161 Changed copyright notices on py files and the single rst file with a copyright notice 11 years ago
David Goetz 7dd7c53be0 adding back in the decr 11 years ago
David Goetz c08de81aeb memcache race condition and combining incr and decr 11 years ago
Monty Taylor c2f9d1e560 Import upstream version 1.0.1 11 years ago
Chuck Thier 001407b969 Initial commit of Swift code 11 years ago