18 Commits (41335e63ffd2b6c6262b70f8ef244737d18ab7ac)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tim Burke 92b79a4a36 symlink: Ensure headers are returned as a list on py3 4 months ago
Tim Burke a8e03f42e0 versioning: Have versioning symlinks make pre-auth requests to reserved container 1 year ago
Tim Burke dc424f593d Allow clients to send quoted ETags for static links 2 years ago
Tim Burke 2a8d47f00e middlewares: Clean up app iters better 2 years ago
Thiago da Silva 26ff2eb1cb container-sync: Sync static links similar to how we sync SLOs 2 years ago
Tim Burke e8b654f318 Have slo tell the object-server that it wants whole manifests 2 years ago
Clay Gerrard a2aaf59852 Fix BadResponseLength error when creating symlink 2 years ago
Clay Gerrard e921913065 Rename symlink method 2 years ago
Tim Burke 1abc9c4f9d Allow "static symlinks" 3 years ago
Clay Gerrard 7678e94a2c Negative test for non-empty chunked put symlink 2 years ago
Tim Burke a1455b3a35 symlink: Allow symlinks to be created via chunk-encoded PUTs 2 years ago
Tim Burke 2e35376c6d py3: symlink follow-up 2 years ago
Matthew Oliver 4f9595f113 py3: port symlink middleware 2 years ago
Kota Tsuyuzaki c579e99126 Add more assertions for Symlink + Copy unit tests 4 years ago
Clay Gerrard 097e975938 Remove symlink from xml listing response 4 years ago
Alistair Coles b342a8147c Assert X-Newest and X-Backend headers are propagated to symlink target 4 years ago
Robert Francis 99b89aea10 Symlink implementation. 6 years ago