52 Commits (4780f812bc6335ef2e2effc83cdbf5a56d7915ad)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alistair Coles ecb5aa120f relinker: trivial comment and test fixes 2 months ago
  Tim Burke abfa6bee72 relinker: Parallelize per disk 5 months ago
  Alistair Coles 3bdd01cf4a relinker: retry links from older part powers 3 months ago
  Tim Burke ade3b28636 diskfile: Prevent get_hashes from creating missing partition dirs 3 months ago
  Tim Burke a967d47295 relinker: Accept policy names, too 3 months ago
  Matthew Oliver 0e4289fbd6 relinker: Add policy to relinker progress output 3 months ago
  Tim Burke 3a41cbe670 relinker: Allow multiple policies to be specified 3 months ago
  Alistair Coles 812ed1ba09 relinker: add --partition option 3 months ago
  Tim Burke 4ef7b10e0f relinker: Tolerate missing files when cleaning up partitions 3 months ago
  Alistair Coles 76feb65cbc Add unit tests for relinker cleanup 3 months ago
  Tim Burke 7e278291f8 relinker: Move filters & hooks to be methods 3 months ago
  Tim Burke edc3f4d97d Add test for relinking when the object-server failed to do it 3 months ago
  Alistair Coles a1350a2c21 relinker: make relink step a subset of cleanup step 3 months ago
  Alistair Coles 2b4ec5a45b relinker: add --policy option 3 months ago
  Alistair Coles 0b129509c9 relinker: refactor to share common code 3 months ago
  Alistair Coles acf72e8803 Make more use of get_partition_for_hash in unit tests 3 months ago
  Clay Gerrard 90660c90de relinker: use abs path index in part power replace 3 months ago
  Alistair Coles 82f3d0ff97 relinker: continue cleaning up old files despite failure 3 months ago
  Alistair Coles ebee4d4555 relinker: make cleanup checks more robust 3 months ago
  Alistair Coles 4bb78de611 Fix os.link exceptions in diskfile.relink_paths 4 months ago
  Matthew Oliver a406c23a1c Relinker: Add partition progress to relinker log 3 months ago
  Tim Burke b8aefd750e relinker: Stop reporting errors about reaped/cleaned-up datafiles 3 months ago
  Clay Gerrard 443a142c10 tests for relink rehash 4 months ago
  Alistair Coles 35b72756b8 Add test that DiskFileRouter gets relinker conf 4 months ago
  Tim Burke 6b30d9e818 relinker: Pass whole conf dicts around 4 months ago
  Tim Burke d24884450f relinker: Rehash as we complete partitions 4 months ago
  Alistair Coles af386712a8 Add test for relinker --files-per-second 4 months ago
  Tim Burke a90515bbbe relinker: Warn on unmounted disks 5 months ago
  Tim Burke 53c0fc3403 relinker: Add option to ratelimit relinking 5 months ago
  Tim Burke 7e6f9e7bf0 relinker: Add option to drop privileges 5 months ago
  Tim Burke 1b7dd34d38 relinker: Allow conf files for configuration 5 months ago
  Tim Burke e72aaf0c57 relinker: Pull arg parsing into module 5 months ago
  Tim Burke c10f8ae4ec relinker: Track part_power/next_part_power in state file 5 months ago
  Romain LE DISEZ 3061ec803f relinker: Improve performance by limiting I/O 2 years ago
  Romain LE DISEZ 673fda7620 Configure diskfile per storage policy 3 years ago
  Tim Burke 36c42974d6 py3: Port more CLI tools 3 years ago
  Samuel Merritt 728b4ba140 Add checksum to object extended attributes 5 years ago
  Christian Schwede e1140666d6 Add support to increase object ring partition power 5 years ago