48 Commits (b2c61375b3255486adb2900922a894dc7dad3c6d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tobias Stevenson 83a6ec1683 Man page lintian errors and warnings 8 years ago
Vincent Untz 7f1aa9d1e8 Allow dispersion tools to use keystone server with insecure certificate 8 years ago
Clay Gerrard de3acec4bf Set default wsgi workers to cpu_count 8 years ago
Thomas Leaman 5449155fb0 Allow floating point value for dispersion_coverage 8 years ago
Samuel Merritt d69f929be9 Add "normal", optparse-style options to swift-ring-builder add. 9 years ago
Dieter Plaetinck 442fd83a8b implement an rsync_bwlimit setting for object replicator 9 years ago
Peter Portante 2d42b37303 Add the max_clients parameter to bound clients 9 years ago
Pete Zaitcev 93a737b406 Add auth_version to dispersion.conf.5 9 years ago
Marcelo Martins 1126e59c12 Adding a new optional variable called trans_id_suffix 9 years ago
Pete Zaitcev 9a3e0f41bd Move the swift.1 manpage to python-swiftclient 9 years ago
yuan-zhou 09370862ca Adding speed limit options for DB auditor 9 years ago
Pete Zaitcev 93ea7c63b1 Documentation fixups 9 years ago
annegentle 72428434f7 Replaces Copyright statements for LLC with Foundation, removes date. 9 years ago
gholt 85529531d6 Remove tempauth allowed_sync_hosts conf option 9 years ago
Mehdi Abaakouk a1395ec672 Allow change the endpoint_type when use swift-dispersion tools 9 years ago
Florian Hines 00dbad0825 Add optional locking to swift-ring-builder 9 years ago
Chmouel Boudjnah 3282e3885c Add --run-dir switch to swift-init 9 years ago
Cory Wright c69e130df5 consistency and grammatical tweaks 9 years ago
gholt 4fcbeff22f Added override for swift-init's KILL_WAIT 9 years ago
Florian Hines e474dfb720 Add dispersion report flags to limit reports 9 years ago
Darrell Bishop b8e3e9e1c2 Allow optional, temporary healthcheck failure. 9 years ago
gholt dcc89e3ad6 dispersion report option to output missing parts 9 years ago
Vincent Untz e1ff51c045 Do not use pickle for serialization in memcache, but JSON 9 years ago
Vincent Untz faff4ae769 Forbid substrings based on a regexp in name_filter middleware 9 years ago
Vincent Untz 1125368624 Remove ambiguity in memcache_servers documentation 9 years ago
Dan Prince 69fd05f439 Remove hard coded man page paths. 9 years ago
Victor Rodionov 13e4de1899 Patch for Swift Solaris (Illumos) compability. 10 years ago
Greg Lange 6987d222de Added config options for rate limiting of large object downloads. 9 years ago
Florian Hines ccb6334c17 Expand recon middleware support 10 years ago
John Dickinson 1e90b61076 Re-add cname lookup and domain remap middleware 10 years ago
gholt 1c3b75c291 Reverted the pulling out of various middleware: 10 years ago
John Dickinson b47bcf19e4 removed cname lookup middleware 10 years ago
gholt 3f00c1a630 Pulled out Rate Limit middleware 10 years ago
John Dickinson 7dfbd785b0 removed domain remap middleware 10 years ago
gholt c0532a6ef2 Pulled out TempURL/FormPOST 10 years ago
gholt 7dde909621 Pulled StaticWeb out to separate project 10 years ago
Marcelo Martins 6a9d5f921d Appending some new information to proxy, account and container config manpages. Adding object-expirer files and swift-orphans as well. Also making some minor modification on the other files to stop lithian from complaining during package creation checks. Adding name to Authors file. 10 years ago
Florian Hines 5e4127ae2a Add json output option to swift-dispersion-report 10 years ago
Marcelo Martins 0b0785e984 changing config files to be on section 5 and also running spellchecks against all files 10 years ago