38 Commits (b2c61375b3255486adb2900922a894dc7dad3c6d)

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Brian Curtin 180cd18da6 Move location of HTTPException in swift_testing 8 years ago
ZhiQiang Fan f72704fc82 Change OpenStack LLC to Foundation 8 years ago
Dirk Mueller 3d36a76156 Use Python 3.x compatible except construct 8 years ago
Peter Portante c57f526f58 Pep8 the functionalnosetests tests (3 of 12) 8 years ago
David Hadas 6d59cbf596 Swift tests for unicode headers 8 years ago
Fabien Boucher e7ce290904 Metadata retrieving from sqlite must be str for key 9 years ago
Greg Lange 44f00a23c1 fixed some minor things in tests that pyflakes complained about 9 years ago
Pete Zaitcev 35e07e2982 Permit functional tests against Swift with Keystone 9 years ago
David Hadas 40782ed20c Support tests for Apache 9 years ago
gholt 592d895e31 Reject names with NULL characters 9 years ago
gholt 9302c5ffc1 Fix permissions from last commit 9 years ago
Sascha Peilicke 08a110bdbc Add a license header to functionalnosetests 9 years ago
Jason Johnson 48ebd6732e Replace hard-coded test accounts with user-configured values 9 years ago
Michael Barton 34ca0f097c give swob default content-type 9 years ago
Chmouel Boudjnah 22572b506a Remove swift.common.client from here. 9 years ago
Dan Dillinger f7fdb9cf12 Implement unit_test config to disable syslog. 10 years ago
David Goetz 9be62bd9cd rolling back xml changes bzr merge -r319..318 10 years ago
gholt 082b324bc3 Update to comply with XML 1.1: No NULLs in names allowed; control chars are converted to entities (ex: ) 10 years ago
gholt 2d2150bde7 Updated func tests and made swauth .rlistings check a bit easier to read 11 years ago
gholt a7c0a6edde More docs 11 years ago
Clay Gerrard bdba519e02 PEP8 11 years ago
gholt e9b7815e23 made x_container_sync_row its own column 11 years ago
Clay Gerrard 92a5414f25 went ahead and spoofed a [func_test] section 11 years ago
Clay Gerrard c1b3c8d799 better error messages on missing/malformed configs 11 years ago
Clay Gerrard 49ea0201f7 made functionalnosetests works with no account usernames 11 years ago
Clay Gerrard 2bbc9b3443 added functional test for copy, fixed bug in copy method 11 years ago
gholt 35f3487879 Incorporated Swauth into Swift as an optional DevAuth replacement. 11 years ago
gholt fa3c871f0b Server-side implementation for segmented objects 11 years ago
Clay Gerrard 208d7b8e00 fixed auth_copy bug, and early denial for proxy.server.ObjectController.COPY method; added tests 11 years ago
gholt ce48a3c709 Fix tests; fix copy/auth problem 11 years ago
Clay Gerrard dc5f0be414 added failing test for COPY from private container 11 years ago
gholt a5df15005b Got rid of inter-reseller ACLs. Enforce ACLs to only work within a reseller space. Updated docs and tests. We can expand to inter-reseller in the future with ACLs like .x:RESELLER_group 11 years ago
gholt d2ec027e22 For ACL strings: Shortened .ref to just .r, though .ref, .referer, and .referrer are all accepted. Updated 'Creating Your Own Auth Middleware' to describe how the DevAuth server works and suggestions for creating one's own. Added reseller_prefix (optional) implementation. Used urlparse in referrer_allowed. Fixed bug where group names would get lowercased by clean_acl. Changed .r:any to .r:*. Allowed .r:*.example.com to mean .r:.example.com. Made proxy log just the first authenticated group (the user) alongside the token. Moved proxy callback to clean_acl before the length check of the metadata. Cleaned up redundant logic in first proxy swift.authorize callback. Bit better docs. More and updated tests. 11 years ago
gholt 0066ed02d7 Per Chuck's suggestion, changed noaccess to admin access, where admin access is not the default. Also, changed swift-auth-create-account to swift-auth-add-user with changes to use optparse 11 years ago
gholt cfcfdd3de1 Refactored auth and adding ACLs using repoze.what 11 years ago
gholt 47d6d7a10c Argh. Forgot the tests themselves! 11 years ago