52 Commits (b2c61375b3255486adb2900922a894dc7dad3c6d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Peter Portante 9411a24ba7 Revert "Refactor common/utils methods to common/ondisk" 8 years ago
gholt 58efcb3b3e Fix probe tests 8 years ago
ZhiQiang Fan f72704fc82 Change OpenStack LLC to Foundation 8 years ago
Dirk Mueller 3d36a76156 Use Python 3.x compatible except construct 8 years ago
Peter Portante 0b7432bc4d Pep8 the probe tests (1 of 12) 8 years ago
Alex Gaynor ff5a6d0111 Corrected many style violations in the tests. 8 years ago
Clay Gerrard 1f43ee050b Add option to make probetests more brittle 8 years ago
Clay Gerrard c9de9f2b8d Forklift the DiskFile interface into it's own module 8 years ago
Samuel Merritt 15c2ca55f0 Fix faked-out account GET for JSON and XML. 8 years ago
Chuck Thier 7a02c218bb Fixed probetests 8 years ago
Sergey Kraynev ea7858176b Implementation of replication servers 9 years ago
John Dickinson 08ce7e1ded fix probe tests to work in a VM using mount_check 9 years ago
Greg Lange 44f00a23c1 fixed some minor things in tests that pyflakes complained about 9 years ago
clayg 3a70112d03 Add config of server start timeouts for probetests 9 years ago
clayg b852f2274b capture resetswift output in probetests 9 years ago
Tom Fifield 9344a4a582 Random pep8 fixes! 9 years ago
Constantine Peresypkin 73846c2c38 fix update_deleted directory creation. bug 1035274 9 years ago
gholt 4a9d19197c Updated probe tests 9 years ago
gholt be79b0884e Fixes for probe tests 9 years ago
Chmouel Boudjnah 22572b506a Remove swift.common.client from here. 9 years ago
Paul McMillan 92fbf44d10 Fixed grammar and improve docs. 10 years ago
John Dickinson 1ecf5ebba1 updated copyright date for all files 10 years ago
gholt 7c9e542c02 Implemented object POST as COPY 10 years ago
gholt 1a88db545a Made probe tests more resilent against timing issues. 10 years ago
gholt b24b063552 Created testauth WSGI middleware to replace Swauth as development auth service. 10 years ago
David Goetz cddee1b064 adding the probe test 11 years ago
David Goetz e999656935 unit tests for timeout exception 11 years ago
David Goetz be01135c75 make executable 11 years ago
David Goetz 863393c823 pep8 11 years ago
David Goetz 5482035bc0 change ite logic and add more tests 11 years ago
David Goetz 86c84c3bc3 unittests workng and added probe test 11 years ago
gholt bd22dbe712 Removing DevAuth 11 years ago
Michael Barton 326dfac188 remove offending probe checks 11 years ago
David Goetz 86cb12036b removing blank excepts 11 years ago
Anne Gentle 8823427161 Changed copyright notices on py files and the single rst file with a copyright notice 11 years ago
gholt af99fb17e0 Fixed probe tests to not use relativity (on imports) 11 years ago
gholt 35f3487879 Incorporated Swauth into Swift as an optional DevAuth replacement. 11 years ago
gholt 2b995be46c Bugfixes. Rest of tests. 11 years ago
gholt d0367fdf19 Updated direct_client to match the changes in client 11 years ago
gholt bb01c22440 Updated tools and client.py to work with ACLs 11 years ago
kapil.foss@gmail.com 65358e873f pyflakes cleanups, unused modules, and variables 11 years ago
Chuck Thier 63538345f2 Modified probe tests to work with setup.py develop installs 11 years ago
Monty Taylor a57a210659 Reverted accidental chmod -x-ing. 11 years ago
Chuck Thier 001407b969 Initial commit of Swift code 11 years ago