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Author SHA1 Message Date
Clay Gerrard 1f43ee050b Add option to make probetests more brittle 8 years ago
Pete Zaitcev 35e07e2982 Permit functional tests against Swift with Keystone 9 years ago
clayg 3a70112d03 Add config of server start timeouts for probetests 9 years ago
John Dickinson a2ac5efaa6 swift constraints are now settable via config 9 years ago
Dan Dillinger f7fdb9cf12 Implement unit_test config to disable syslog. 10 years ago
gholt bd22dbe712 Removing DevAuth 11 years ago
Clay Gerrard d1fa1a0040 made functional tests more configurable 11 years ago
gholt 35f3487879 Incorporated Swauth into Swift as an optional DevAuth replacement. 11 years ago
gholt a5df15005b Got rid of inter-reseller ACLs. Enforce ACLs to only work within a reseller space. Updated docs and tests. We can expand to inter-reseller in the future with ACLs like .x:RESELLER_group 11 years ago
gholt d2ec027e22 For ACL strings: Shortened .ref to just .r, though .ref, .referer, and .referrer are all accepted. Updated 'Creating Your Own Auth Middleware' to describe how the DevAuth server works and suggestions for creating one's own. Added reseller_prefix (optional) implementation. Used urlparse in referrer_allowed. Fixed bug where group names would get lowercased by clean_acl. Changed .r:any to .r:*. Allowed .r:*.example.com to mean .r:.example.com. Made proxy log just the first authenticated group (the user) alongside the token. Moved proxy callback to clean_acl before the length check of the metadata. Cleaned up redundant logic in first proxy swift.authorize callback. Bit better docs. More and updated tests. 11 years ago
gholt 0066ed02d7 Per Chuck's suggestion, changed noaccess to admin access, where admin access is not the default. Also, changed swift-auth-create-account to swift-auth-add-user with changes to use optparse 11 years ago
Chuck Thier 001407b969 Initial commit of Swift code 11 years ago