OpenStack Storage (Swift)
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Zuul 745dfec35e Merge "s3api errors for unsupported headers x-delete-at, x-delete-after" 1 day ago
cors s3api: Allow CORS preflights for pre-signed URLs 1 year ago
functional s3api errors for unsupported headers x-delete-at, x-delete-after 5 days ago
probe sharder: merge shard shard_ranges from root while sharding 3 weeks ago
s3api Malformed CompleteMultipartUpload request should 400 5 days ago
unit Merge "DB locks shouldn't squelch errors" 5 days ago Ignore py36 deprecation warnings 7 months ago sharder: emit misplaced stats to statsd 4 months ago
sample.conf fix s3api functional tests 3 years ago