OpenStack Storage (Swift)
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swift (1.4.9)
* Optional object versioning feature. (See docs for full description)
* Numerous bug fixes to StaticWeb (previously unusable at scale).
* Bug fixes to all middleware to allow passthrough requests under various
conditions and to share pre-authed request code (which previously had
differing behaviors and interaction bugs).
* Bug fix to object expirer that could cause infinite looping.
* Option to disable SQLite database preallocation with account and
container servers.
* Optional delay to account reaping.
* Overall disk usage reporting with swift-recon.
* Async-pending write optimization.
swift (1.4.8)
* Added optional max_containers_per_account restriction
* Added alternate metadata header removal method
* Added optional name_check middleware filter
* Added support for venv-based test runs with tox
* StaticWeb behavior change with X-Web-Mode: true and
non-StaticWeb-enabled containers (immediately 404s instead of passing
the request on down the WSGI pipeline).
* Fixed typo in swift-dispersion-report JSON output.
* Swift-Recon-related fix to create temporary files on the same disk as
their final destinations.
* Updated return codes in swift3 middleware
* Fixed swift3 middleware to allow Content-Range header in response
* Updated swift.common.client and swift CLI tool with auth 2.0 changes
* Swift CLI tool now supports common openstack auth args
* Body of HTTP responses now included in error messages of swift CLI tool
* Refactored some ring building functions for clarity and simplicity
swift (1.4.7)
* Improvements to account and container replication.
* Fix for account servers allowing .pending to exist before .db.
* Fixed possible key-guessing exploit in formpost.
* Fixed bug in ring builder when removing a large percentage of devices.
* Swift CLI tool now supports openstack-standard CLI flags.
* New JSON output option for swift-dispersion-report.
* Removed old stats tools.
* Other bug fixes and documentation updates.
swift (1.4.6)
* TempURL and FormPost middleware added
* Added memcache.conf option
* Dropped eval-based json parser fallback
* Properly lose all groups when dropping privileges
* Fix permissions when creating files
* Fixed bug regarding negative Content-Length in requests
* Consistent formatting on Last-Modified response header
* Added timeout option to swift-recon
* Allow arguments to be passed to nosetest
* Removed tools/
* Other minor bug fixes
swift (1.4.5)
* New swift-orphans and swift-oldies command line tools to detect
orphaned Swift processes and long running processes.
* Command line tool "swift" now supports marker queries.
* StaticWeb middleware improved to save an extra request when
* Updated swift-init to support swift-object-expirer.
* Fixed object replicator timeout handling [bug 814263].
* Fixed accept header 503 vs. 400 [bug 891247].
* More exception handling for auditors.
* Doc updates for PPA [bug 905608].
* Doc updates to explain replication more clearly [bug 906976].
* Updated SAIO instructions to no longer mention ~/swift/trunk.
* Fixed docstrings in the ring code.
* PEP8 Updates.
swift (1.4.4)
* Fixes to prevent socket hoarding (memory leak)
* Add sockstat info to recon.
* Fixed leak from SegmentedIterable.
* Fixed bufferedhttp to deref socks and fps.
* Add support for OS Auth API version 2.
* Make Eventlet's WSGI server log differently.
* Updated TimeoutError and except Exception refs.
* Fixed time-sensitive tests.
* Fixed object manifest etags.
* Fixes for swift-recon disk usage distribution graph.
* Adding new manpages for configuration files.
* Change bzr to swift in getting_started doc.
* Fixes the HTTPConflict import.
* Expiring Objects Support.
* Fixing bug with x-trans-id.
* Requote the source when doing a COPY.
* Add documentation for Swift Recon.
* Make drive audit regexes detect 4-letter drives.
* Adding what acc/cont/obj into the ratelimit error messages.
* Query only specific zone via swift-recon.
swift (1.4.3)
* Additional quarantine catching code.
* Added client_ip to all proxy log lines not otherwise containing it.
* Content-Type is now application/xml for "GET services/bucket" swift3
middleware requests.
* Alpha release of the Swift Recon Experiment
* Fix last modified date for swift3 middleware.
* Fix to clear account/container metadata on account/container deletion.
* Fix for corner case regarding X-Newest.
* Fix for object auditor running out of file descriptors.
* Fix to return all proper headers for manifest objects.
* Fix to the swift tool to strip any leading slashes on file names when
swift (1.4.2)
* Removed stats/logging code from Swift [now in separate slogging project].
* Container Synchronization Feature - First Edition
* Fix swift3 authentication bug about the Date and X-Amz-Date handling.
* Changing ratelimiting so that it only limits PUTs/DELETEs.
* Object POSTs are implemented as COPYs now by default (you can revert to
previous implementation with conf object_post_as_copy = false)
* You can specify X-Newest: true on GETs and HEADs to indicate you want
Swift to query all backend copies and return the newest version
* Object COPY requests now always copy the newest object they can find.
* Account and container GETs and HEADs now shuffle the nodes they use to
balance load.
* Fixed the infinite charset: utf-8 bug
* This fixes the bug that drop_buffer_cache() doesn't work on systems where
off_t isn't 64 bits.
swift (1.4.1)
* st renamed to swift
* swauth was separated froms swift. It is now its own project and can be
found at
* tempauth middleware added as an extremely limited auth system for dev
* Account and container listings now properly labeled UTF-8 (previously the
label was "utf8").
* Accounts are auto-created if an auth token is valid when the
account_autocreate proxy config parameter is set to true.
swift (1.4.0)
* swift-bench now cleans up containers it creates.
* WSGI servers now load WSGI filters and applications after forking for
better plugin support.
* swauth-cleanup-tokens now handles 404s on token containers and tokens
* Proxy logs the remote IP address as the client IP in the absence of
X-Forwarded-For and X-Cluster-Client-IP headers instead of - like it did
* Swift3 WSGI middleware added support for param-signed URLs.
* swauth- scripts now exit with proper exit codes.
* Fixed a bug where allowed_headers weren't honored for HEAD requests.
* Double quarantining of corrupted sqlite3 databases now works.
* Fix for Object replicator breaking when running object replicator with no
objects on the server.
* Added the Accept-Ranges header to GET and HEAD requests.
* When a single object has multiple async pending updates on a single
device, only latest async pending is now sent.
* Fixed issue of Swift3 WSGI middleware not working correctly with '/' in
object names.
* Renamed swift-stats-* to swift-dispersion-* to avoid confusion with log
stats stuff.
* Added X-Trans-Id transaction id header to every response.
* Fixed a Python 2.7 compatibility problem.
* Now using bracketed notation for ip literals in rsync calls, so
compressed ipv6 literals work.
* Added a container stats collector and refactoring some of the stats code.
* Changed subdir nodes in XML formatted object listings to align with
object nodes. Now: <subdir name="foo"><name>foo</name></subdir> Before:
<subdir name="foo" />.
* Fixed bug in Swauth to support for multiple swauth instances.
* swift-ring-builder: Added list_parts command which shows common
partitions for a given list of devices.
* Object auditor now shows better statistics updates in the logs.
* Stats uploaders now allow overrides for source_filename_pattern and
new_log_cutoff values.