OpenStack Storage (Swift)
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Morgan Fainberg 2f3526c559 Sync global requirements to pin sphinx to sphinx>=1.1.2,<1.2 8 years ago
account-server.conf-sample some container serialization cleanup 8 years ago
container-server.conf-sample some container serialization cleanup 8 years ago
dispersion.conf-sample Allow dispersion tools to use keystone server with insecure certificate 8 years ago
drive-audit.conf-sample Configuration options for error regex and log file in the config now 8 years ago
memcache.conf-sample Do not use pickle for serialization in memcache, but JSON 9 years ago
mime.types-sample PEP 8 compliance and small modification to mime.types file 11 years ago
object-expirer.conf-sample Merge "Add parallelism to object expirer daemon." 8 years ago
object-server.conf-sample Make the length of a line logged configurable 8 years ago
proxy-server.conf-sample add reseller_admin_role to sample config 8 years ago
rsyncd.conf-sample Added missing lockfile configuration to sample rsync.conf 11 years ago
swift-bench.conf-sample Misc. swift-bench improvements. 9 years ago
swift-rsyslog.conf-sample Add sample rsyslog.conf. 8 years ago
swift.conf-sample Add max_header_size to swift.conf-sample and relative UT 8 years ago