OpenStack Storage (Swift)
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Alistair Coles 71a4aea31a Update docs to discourage policy names being numbers 3 months ago
account-server.conf-sample Allow replication servers to handle all request methods 11 months ago
container-reconciler.conf-sample docs: Clarify that encryption should not be in reconciler pipeline 5 months ago
container-server.conf-sample Add a config file option to swift-manage-shard-ranges 3 months ago
container-sync-realms.conf-sample Removing some redundant words 5 years ago
dispersion.conf-sample Fix swift-dispersion in multi-region setups 5 years ago
drive-audit.conf-sample py3: Fix swift-drive-audit 2 years ago
internal-client.conf-sample add symlink to container sync default and sample config 4 years ago
keymaster.conf-sample py3: Work with proper native string paths in crypto meta 11 months ago
memcache.conf-sample Memcached client TLS support 5 months ago
mime.types-sample PEP 8 compliance and small modification to mime.types file 11 years ago
object-expirer.conf-sample Add tasks_per_second option to expirer 8 months ago
object-server.conf-sample relinker: Add option to ratelimit relinking 4 months ago
proxy-server.conf-sample s3api: Allow CORS preflight requests 3 months ago
rsyncd.conf-sample Update SAIO & docker image to use 62xx ports 11 months ago
swift-rsyslog.conf-sample Add sample rsyslog.conf. 8 years ago
swift.conf-sample Update docs to discourage policy names being numbers 3 months ago