OpenStack Storage (Swift)
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swift (1.7.5)
* Support OPTIONS verb, including CORS preflight requests
* Added support for custom log handlers
* Range support is extended to support GET requests with multiple ranges.
Multi-range GETs are not yet supported against large-object manifests.
* Cluster constraints are now settable by config
* Replicators can now run against specific devices or partitions
* swift-bench now supports running on multiple cores and multiple servers
* Added partition option to swift-get-nodes
* Allow underscores in account and user in tempauth via base64 encodings
* New option to the dispersion report to output the missing partitions
* Changed storage server StatsD metrics to report timings instead of
counts for errors. See the admin guide for the updated metric names.
* Removed a dependency on WebOb and replaced it with an internal module
* Fixed config parsing in swift-bench -x
* Fixed sample_rate in StatsD logging
* Track unlinks of async_pendings with StatsD
* Remove double GET on range requests
* Allow unsetting of X-Container-Sync-To and ACL headers
* DB reclamation now removes empty suffix directories
* Fix non-standard 100-continue behavior
* Allow object-expirer to delete the last copy of a versioned object
* Only set TCP_KEEPIDLE on systems where it is supported
* Fix stdin flush and fdatasync issues on BSD platforms
* Allow object-expirer to delete the last version of an object
* Various other minor bug fixes and improvements
swift (1.7.4)
* Fix issue where early client disconnects may have caused a memory leak
swift (1.7.2)
* Fix issue where memcache serialization was not properly loading
the config value
swift (1.7.0)
* Use custom encoding for ring data instead of pickle
Serialize RingData in a versioned, custom format which is a combination
of a JSON-encoded header and .tostring() dumps of the
replica2part2dev_id arrays. This format deserializes hundreds of times
faster than rings serialized with Python 2.7's pickle (a significant
performance regression for ring loading between Python 2.6 and Python
2.7). Fixes bug 1031954.
The new implementation is backward-compatible; if a ring
does not begin with a new-style magic string, it is assumed to be an
old-style pickle-dumped ring and is handled as before. So new Swift
code can read old rings, but old Swift code will not be able to read
newly-serialized rings.
* Do not use pickle for serialization in memcache, but JSON
To avoid issues on upgrades (unability to read pickled values, and cache
poisoning for old servers not understanding JSON), we add a
memcache_serialization_support configuration option, with the following
0 = older, insecure pickle serialization
1 = json serialization but pickles can still be read (still insecure)
2 = json serialization only (secure and the default)
To avoid an instant full cache flush, existing installations should
upgrade with 0, then set to 1 and reload, then after some time (24
hours) set to 2 and reload. Support for 0 and 1 will be removed in
future versions.
* Update proxy-server StatsD logging. This is a significant change to the
existing StatsD intigration. Docs for this feature can be found in
* Improved swift-bench to allow random object sizes and better usability
* Updated probe tests
* Replicator removal metrics are now generated on a per-device basis
* Made object replicator locking more optimistic
* Split proxy-server code into separate modules
* Fixed bug where swift-recon would not report all unmounted drives
* Fixed issue where a LockTimeout may have caused a file descriptor to
not be closed properly
* Fixed a bug where an error may have caused the proxy to stop returning
data to a client
* Fixed bug where expirer would get confused by odd deletion times
* Fixed a bug where auto-creating accounts would return an error if they
were recreated after being deleted
* Fix when rate_limit_after_segment kicks in
* fallocate() failures properly return HTTPInsufficientStorage from
object-server before reading from wsgi.input, allowing the proxy
server to quickly error_limit that node
* Fixed error with large object manifests and x-newest headers on GET
* Various other minor bug fixes and improvements
swift (1.6.0)
* Removed bin/swift and swift/common/ from the swift repo. These
tools are now managed in the python-swiftclient project. The
python-swiftclient project is a second deliverable of the openstack
swift project.
* Moved swift_auth (openstack keystone) middleware from keystone project
into swift project
* Made dispersion report work with any replica count other than 3. This
substantially affects the JSON output of the dispersion report, and any
tools written to consume this output will need to be updated.
* Added Solaris (Illumos) compability
* Added -a option to swift-get-nodes to show all handoffs
* Add UDP protocol support for logger
* Added config options for rate limiting of large object downloads.
* Added config option `log_handoffs` (defaults to True) to proxy server
to log and update statsd with information about when a handoff node is
used. This is helpful to track the health of the cluster.
* swift-bench can now use auth 2.0
* Support forbidding substrings based on a regexp in name_filter
* Hardened internal server processes so only authorized methods can be
* Made ranged requests on large objects work correctly when size of
manifest file is not 0 byte
* Added option to dispersion report to print 404s to stdout
* Fix object replication on older rsync versions when using ipv4
* Fixed bug with container reclaim/report race
* Make object server's caching more configurable.
* Check disk failure before syncing for each partition
* Allow special characters to be referenced by manifest objects
* Validate devices and partitions to avoid directory traversals
* Support WebOb 1.2
* Ensure that accessing the ring devs reloads the ring if necessary.
Specifically, this allows replication to work when it has been started
with an empty ring.
* Various other minor bug fixes and improvements
swift (1.5.0)
* New option to toggle SQLite database preallocation with account
and container servers.
The default for database preallocation is now off when before
it was always on. This will affect performance on clusters that
use standard drives with shared account, container, object
servers. Such deployments will need to update their
configurations to turn database preallocation back on (see
account-server.conf-sample and container-server.conf.sample
If you are using dedicated account and container servers with
SSDs, you should defragment your file systems after upgrade and
should notice dramatically less disk usage.
* swift3 middleware removed and moved to
This will require a config change in the proxy server and adds a new
dependency for deployers using this middleware.
* Moved proxy server logging to middleware. This requires a config change
in the proxy server.
* Added object versioning feature. (See docs for full description)
* Add statsd logging throughout the system (beta, some event names may
* Expanded swift-recon middleware support
* The ring builder now supports as-unique-as-possible partition
placement, unified balancing methods, and can work on more than one
device at a time.
* Numerous bug fixes to StaticWeb (previously unusable at scale).
* Bug fixes to all middleware to allow passthrough requests under various
conditions and to share pre-authed request code (which previously had
differing behaviors and interaction bugs).
* Bug fix to object expirer that could cause infinite looping.
* Added optional delay to account reaping.
* Async-pending write optimization.
* Dispersion tools now support multiple auth versions
* Updated man pages
* Proxy server can now deny requests to particular hostnames
* Updated docs for domain remap middleware
* Updated docs for cname lookup middleware
* Made swift CLI binary easier to wrap
* Proxy will now also return X-Timestamp header
* Added associated projects doc as a place to track ecosystem projects
* end_marker made consistent across both object and container listings
* Various other minor bug fixes and improvements
swift (1.4.8)
* Added optional max_containers_per_account restriction
* Added alternate metadata header removal method
* Added optional name_check middleware filter
* Added support for venv-based test runs with tox
* StaticWeb behavior change with X-Web-Mode: true and
non-StaticWeb-enabled containers (immediately 404s instead of passing
the request on down the WSGI pipeline).
* Fixed typo in swift-dispersion-report JSON output.
* Swift-Recon-related fix to create temporary files on the same disk as
their final destinations.
* Updated return codes in swift3 middleware
* Fixed swift3 middleware to allow Content-Range header in response
* Updated swift.common.client and swift CLI tool with auth 2.0 changes
* Swift CLI tool now supports common openstack auth args
* Body of HTTP responses now included in error messages of swift CLI tool
* Refactored some ring building functions for clarity and simplicity
swift (1.4.7)
* Improvements to account and container replication.
* Fix for account servers allowing .pending to exist before .db.
* Fixed possible key-guessing exploit in formpost.
* Fixed bug in ring builder when removing a large percentage of devices.
* Swift CLI tool now supports openstack-standard CLI flags.
* New JSON output option for swift-dispersion-report.
* Removed old stats tools.
* Other bug fixes and documentation updates.
swift (1.4.6)
* TempURL and FormPost middleware added
* Added memcache.conf option
* Dropped eval-based json parser fallback
* Properly lose all groups when dropping privileges
* Fix permissions when creating files
* Fixed bug regarding negative Content-Length in requests
* Consistent formatting on Last-Modified response header
* Added timeout option to swift-recon
* Allow arguments to be passed to nosetest
* Removed tools/
* Other minor bug fixes
swift (1.4.5)
* New swift-orphans and swift-oldies command line tools to detect
orphaned Swift processes and long running processes.
* Command line tool "swift" now supports marker queries.
* StaticWeb middleware improved to save an extra request when
* Updated swift-init to support swift-object-expirer.
* Fixed object replicator timeout handling [bug 814263].
* Fixed accept header 503 vs. 400 [bug 891247].
* More exception handling for auditors.
* Doc updates for PPA [bug 905608].
* Doc updates to explain replication more clearly [bug 906976].
* Updated SAIO instructions to no longer mention ~/swift/trunk.
* Fixed docstrings in the ring code.
* PEP8 Updates.
swift (1.4.4)
* Fixes to prevent socket hoarding (memory leak)
* Add sockstat info to recon.
* Fixed leak from SegmentedIterable.
* Fixed bufferedhttp to deref socks and fps.
* Add support for OS Auth API version 2.
* Make Eventlet's WSGI server log differently.
* Updated TimeoutError and except Exception refs.
* Fixed time-sensitive tests.
* Fixed object manifest etags.
* Fixes for swift-recon disk usage distribution graph.
* Adding new manpages for configuration files.
* Change bzr to swift in getting_started doc.
* Fixes the HTTPConflict import.
* Expiring Objects Support.
* Fixing bug with x-trans-id.
* Requote the source when doing a COPY.
* Add documentation for Swift Recon.
* Make drive audit regexes detect 4-letter drives.
* Adding what acc/cont/obj into the ratelimit error messages.
* Query only specific zone via swift-recon.
swift (1.4.3)
* Additional quarantine catching code.
* Added client_ip to all proxy log lines not otherwise containing it.
* Content-Type is now application/xml for "GET services/bucket" swift3
middleware requests.
* Alpha release of the Swift Recon Experiment
* Fix last modified date for swift3 middleware.
* Fix to clear account/container metadata on account/container deletion.
* Fix for corner case regarding X-Newest.
* Fix for object auditor running out of file descriptors.
* Fix to return all proper headers for manifest objects.
* Fix to the swift tool to strip any leading slashes on file names when
swift (1.4.2)
* Removed stats/logging code from Swift [now in separate slogging project].
* Container Synchronization Feature - First Edition
* Fix swift3 authentication bug about the Date and X-Amz-Date handling.
* Changing ratelimiting so that it only limits PUTs/DELETEs.
* Object POSTs are implemented as COPYs now by default (you can revert to
previous implementation with conf object_post_as_copy = false)
* You can specify X-Newest: true on GETs and HEADs to indicate you want
Swift to query all backend copies and return the newest version
* Object COPY requests now always copy the newest object they can find.
* Account and container GETs and HEADs now shuffle the nodes they use to
balance load.
* Fixed the infinite charset: utf-8 bug
* This fixes the bug that drop_buffer_cache() doesn't work on systems where
off_t isn't 64 bits.
swift (1.4.1)
* st renamed to swift
* swauth was separated froms swift. It is now its own project and can be
found at
* tempauth middleware added as an extremely limited auth system for dev
* Account and container listings now properly labeled UTF-8 (previously the
label was "utf8").
* Accounts are auto-created if an auth token is valid when the
account_autocreate proxy config parameter is set to true.
swift (1.4.0)
* swift-bench now cleans up containers it creates.
* WSGI servers now load WSGI filters and applications after forking for
better plugin support.
* swauth-cleanup-tokens now handles 404s on token containers and tokens
* Proxy logs the remote IP address as the client IP in the absence of
X-Forwarded-For and X-Cluster-Client-IP headers instead of - like it did
* Swift3 WSGI middleware added support for param-signed URLs.
* swauth- scripts now exit with proper exit codes.
* Fixed a bug where allowed_headers weren't honored for HEAD requests.
* Double quarantining of corrupted sqlite3 databases now works.
* Fix for Object replicator breaking when running object replicator with no
objects on the server.
* Added the Accept-Ranges header to GET and HEAD requests.
* When a single object has multiple async pending updates on a single
device, only latest async pending is now sent.
* Fixed issue of Swift3 WSGI middleware not working correctly with '/' in
object names.
* Renamed swift-stats-* to swift-dispersion-* to avoid confusion with log
stats stuff.
* Added X-Trans-Id transaction id header to every response.
* Fixed a Python 2.7 compatibility problem.
* Now using bracketed notation for ip literals in rsync calls, so
compressed ipv6 literals work.
* Added a container stats collector and refactoring some of the stats code.
* Changed subdir nodes in XML formatted object listings to align with
object nodes. Now: <subdir name="foo"><name>foo</name></subdir> Before:
<subdir name="foo" />.
* Fixed bug in Swauth to support for multiple swauth instances.
* swift-ring-builder: Added list_parts command which shows common
partitions for a given list of devices.
* Object auditor now shows better statistics updates in the logs.
* Stats uploaders now allow overrides for source_filename_pattern and
new_log_cutoff values.