Set working directory in tacker conductor service

In VNFLCM, we are planingg to execute instantiation VNF task in the tacker
conductor service. During this instantiation task, Heat-translator would
create the required hot resource yaml files in the /tmp directory so it's
important to set the workingDirectory property in
/etc/systemd/system/tacker-conductor.service  as it's done in the
/etc/systemd/system/tacker.service for tacker server service.

Blueprint: support-etsi-nfv-specs
Change-Id: I10a1e55f2f9fc640fa9f405ad4ee78a0ac2e640f
tpatil 3 years ago committed by Shubham
parent 2779a38b04
commit 533dcd6b8b

@ -149,12 +149,16 @@ function start_tacker {
local service_port=$TACKER_PORT
local service_protocol=$TACKER_PROTOCOL
# Start tacker conductor
run_process tacker-conductor "$TACKER_BIN_DIR/tacker-conductor $cfg_file_options"
# Start the Tacker service
sudo cp $TACKER_DIR/etc/systemd/system/tacker.service /etc/systemd/system/devstack@tacker.service
sudo cp $TACKER_DIR/etc/systemd/system/tacker.service $SYSTEMD_DIR/devstack@tacker.service
iniset -sudo $SYSTEMD_DIR/devstack@tacker.service "Service" "User" $STACK_USER
sudo systemctl enable devstack@tacker.service
sudo systemctl restart devstack@tacker.service
# Start the Tacker conductor service
sudo cp $TACKER_DIR/etc/systemd/system/tacker-conductor.service $SYSTEMD_DIR/devstack@tacker-conductor.service
iniset -sudo $SYSTEMD_DIR/devstack@tacker-conductor.service "Service" "User" $STACK_USER
sudo systemctl enable devstack@tacker-conductor.service
sudo systemctl restart devstack@tacker-conductor.service
echo "Waiting for Tacker to start..."
if ! timeout $SERVICE_TIMEOUT sh -c "while ! wget --no-proxy -q -O- $service_protocol://$TACKER_HOST:$service_port; do sleep 1; done"; then
die $LINENO "Tacker did not start"