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Zuul 0becf595f4 Merge "Update v2 api reference" 2 weeks ago
Naoaki Horie 80f4c8988c Update v2 api reference
This patch updates the v2 API reference according to
the current implementation.
The main update APIs are as follows:
  * Show VNF instance
  * List VNF instance
  * Change Current VNF Package
  * Show VNF LCM operation occurrence
  * List VNF LCM operation occurrence
  * Fail a VNF LCM operation occurrence
  * Create a new subscription
  * Show subscription
  * List subscription

Change-Id: Idca22a874b746c02e9d97f4ca08a1cfcee76ccc3
2 weeks ago
Zuul bd1dd09f98 Merge "Update k8s vim config generator" 3 weeks ago
Shuwen Cai 7b7913658c Extend Functional tests for Individual Vnfc Mgmt
This patch extends the functional test items related to individual
vnfc mgmt (StandardUserData) to make the test coverage of this
function more comprehensive. The following seven patterns are added.

    * Test basic LCMs Max pattern
    * Test basic LCMs Min pattern
    * Test retry/rollback scale out
    * Test rollback instantiate
    * Test rollback change external VNF connectivity and update VNF
    * Test rollback change current VNF Package
    * Test various LCM operations before/after

Implements: blueprint individual-vnfc-management
Change-Id: I0da080418a1f1de803b950a9d0c8676e833a1f3e
1 month ago
kexuesheng 05fe9fa42c Enhancement of Tacker API resource access control
For fine-grained access control based on user and VNF information
for API resources, this patch does the following things:
1.Add three comparison attributes of area, vendor, and tenant
  for the enhanced Tacker policy.
2.Convert special roles to API attributes in context.
3.Modify the API process to support Tacker policy authorize.
4.Add the Tacker policy filter to the list API processes.

Implements: blueprint enhance-api-policy
Change-Id: I5b4c39387860133a3bcf4544f18a6353c80773f6
3 months ago 3fe7831d63 Support multiple conductors onboarding
In current implementation,
onboarding process doesn't work when using Tacker as N-Act cluster.

This patch enables all conductors in the N-Act cluster
to download or delete VNF Package.

The functional test for multi-conductors environment will be added
in another patch.

Co-Authored-By: Hitomi Koba <>
Co-Authored-By: Yukihiro Kinjo <>
Co-Authored-By: Xu Hongjin <>
Implements: blueprint support-multi-conductors-onboarding
Change-Id: Iabb100872d0d78bebc29378592dffba8e83710fc
3 months ago
Yi Feng f75827612f Support CNF auto scale via PM Threshold interface
Add the Performance Management Threshold API and CLI to support
AutoScale. The Performance Management Threshold API is based on
ETSI NFV-SOL 002 v3.3.1 and ETSI NFV-SOL 003 v3.3.1, on which v2
VNF LCM API of Tacker is based. Add the Prometheus Plugin that
has an interface between Tacker and Prometheus as a sample of
External Monitoring Tool.

Implements: blueprint support-auto-lcm
Change-Id: If41e89c5601592aea18a81df54d0db44a8588e1c
3 months ago
Zuul c65931ceab Merge "Fix API pagination problem in multi servers" 3 months ago
Yasufumi Ogawa 059ec0c620 Update k8s vim config generator
As configurations of k8s has been updated for update of versions
covered in commit: 34aec336d9, helper
script for generating a config file should also be updated.

* Change to get endpoint from using discarded `kubectl get endpoints`
  to `kubectl get pods` and find endpoint of kube-apiserver instead.

* Introduce option for using helm for deploying CNFs with the tool[1].


Signed-off-by: Yasufumi Ogawa <>
Change-Id: I589b4fca13690a0eee760a52b1d0fb7f0c35fc36
3 months ago
Zuul 91d055ac2a Merge "Update master for stable/2023.1" 3 months ago
Zuul 69be60e3d6 Merge "Remove Mistral" 3 months ago
OpenStack Release Bot 7ec1c7a659 Update master for stable/2023.1
Add file to the reno documentation build to show release notes for

Use pbr instruction to increment the minor version number
automatically so that master versions are higher than the versions on

Sem-Ver: feature
Change-Id: Ib1b5cd3aa9b377f512ff43b4d8bb9259a3cd51e6
3 months ago
Zuul af88b178a9 Merge "Add prelude section for 2023.1 releasenote" 3 months ago
Zuul 7c7f54e559 Merge "Fix to upload as the appropriate image format" 3 months ago
Yasufumi Ogawa 9e49fc2619 Add prelude section for 2023.1 releasenote
This update is to add a summary of changes focusing on major updates
in 2023.1 (Antelope) release.

Signed-off-by: Yasufumi Ogawa <>
Change-Id: I88bd8f821fcc917a605a06026d41dc987ff533a4
3 months ago
Zuul cc302d3107 Merge "Call heal interface changed to function" 3 months ago
Hiromu Asahina dd14850ba6 Remove Mistral
This patch is a part of Legacy APIs deprecation.

A Mistral workflow is created when NS is created, however, Tacker
doesn't have actual action scripts. Therefore, even though a Mistral
workflow is created, it never runs successfully due to the absence of
specified scripts.

This patch removes the dependency on Mistral for the legacy NS
create/delete APIs and also remove Mistral from Tacker entirely, as
there's no longer any place to use Mistral.

Implements: blueprint deprecate-legacy-apis
Change-Id: Iee5d109e4fdb9546730164aea94985b1c535bbc6
3 months ago
Zuul 6a6cb8fdf9 Merge "Add user docs for Coordination API sample usage" 3 months ago
Zuul aa74b75696 Merge "Add docs for auto scale via PM Threshold API" 3 months ago
Yuta Kazato 74adf22da7 Add user docs for Coordination API sample usage
This patch adds a sample usage for the client
of ETSI NFV-SOL VNF Coordination API
in the coordinateVNF script to user guide.

User docs provides how to use the Coordination API in the
coordinateVNF script and the following operations.
* Request a coordination action
  (POST /lcmcoord/v1/coordinations)
* Read the result of a coordination action
  (GET /lcmcoord/v1/coordinations/{coordinationId})

Note that the sample script implements the client
function in the ChangeCurrentVNFPackage API only,
not the VNF LCM Coordination API itself.

Implements: blueprint add-sample-coordinate-script
Change-Id: I789e774659e9a54e47c7b24161fddfffc4549fcf
3 months ago
YiFeng c004eb25d9 Add docs for auto scale via PM Threshold API
This patch makes the following updates to the API and CLI docs.

* Add support CNF auto scale via PM Threshold interface

Implements: blueprint support-auto-lcm
Change-Id: Ic699dd973f5a9fc14196d5f0c80e9f6ab2a9ab88
3 months ago
Zuul 5d1b463ac5 Merge "Remove VIM monitoring depending on Mistral" 3 months ago
Yi Feng 403c0ab406 Call heal interface changed to function
The auto heal method of server notification is that the Tacker calls
the heal API by itself, but the mTLS authentication cannot pass,
so the call to the heal API is changed to call the internal heal

Implements: blueprint support-oauth2-mtls
Change-Id: Iaec8f2223f21079c4bf34b3a6d05b3e77c2ebcc4
3 months ago
Zuul 497586dffc Merge "Add support VNFM auto heal and scale" 3 months ago
Zuul 8f518acbcf Merge "Support PromQL config file for PrometheusPlugin" 3 months ago
Zuul 0947d37d8e Merge "Enhancement of HTTP Client" 3 months ago
Zuul 4d65b97aa1 Merge "Support VNF LCM Coordination IF in change_vnfpkg" 3 months ago
Koji Shimizu 5ab59f7edb Support PromQL config file for PrometheusPlugin
The PromQL statement data for PrometheusPlugin is able to
customize with external data file. The operators can use the
original PromQL statement with this file.

Implements: blueprint support-auto-lcm
Change-Id: Ie84eef8098feabaf4a82a33610248dcae5e205c0
3 months ago
Yusuke Niimi aac03ceffc Enhancement of HTTP Client
Provide the option to verify the SSL certificate when accessing an
external server from Tacker. Several parameters have been added to
config to allow verification of SSL certificates when accessing
external NFVO servers, heat servers, and notification endpoints from

Implements: blueprint enhance-http-client
Change-Id: I55b2b53cfe0dc794040d0e46ac13a20524b1d9f0
3 months ago
Yi Feng 96d4ac6353 Add support VNFM auto heal and scale
Added two new interfaces to Prometheus Plugin. Tacker as a VNFM can
support AutoHeal and AutoScale operations for VNFs and CNFs through
External Monitoring Tools, without NFVO.

Implements: blueprint support-auto-lcm
Change-Id: Ib0b5fd9264d80b9666ce69190e0ee41bbde23fac
3 months ago
Zuul 4a1b680504 Merge "Add docs of VNFM auto heal and scale" 3 months ago
Zuul 49550d072c Merge "Missing Location in http header" 3 months ago
Zuul 76a9748b59 Merge "Add doc of OAuth 2.0 Mutual-TLS Support" 3 months ago
Zuul 91b482d469 Merge "Add ChangeCurrentVnfPackage doc to user guide" 3 months ago
Yusuke Niimi 0ff80687e6 Add doc of OAuth 2.0 Mutual-TLS Support
Provide the option to use mutual TLS client authentication when
accessing external servers from Tacker. Oauth2MtlsAuthHandle has been
added to support Mutual-TLS client authentication for access from Tacker
to external NFVO servers and notification endpoints using user-provided
Mutual-TLS client certificates.

Implements: blueprint support-oauth2-mtls
Change-Id: I4d5967a26f07cc00dab177c999aff5f76a37e461
3 months ago
Ken Fujimoto a423efca83 Support VNF LCM Coordination IF in change_vnfpkg
This patch supports Coordination IF when VNFc is updated by
change_vnfpkg v2 API.

* Modified the coordinateVNF script in the sample package
  to execute the coordination IF.
* Modified change_vnfpkg operation in Functional test
  to execute coordination IF.

Implements: blueprint add-sample-coordinate-script
Change-Id: Ie0c8b30df9d6e8c9ae4a6ba9e894203561475022
3 months ago
navum c062072813 Missing Location in http header
This patch fixes the problem regarding the "Location" HTTP header
which is missing in the response when changing external connectivity.
According to the specification file, When operating on VNF instance

The VNFM returns a "202 Accepted" response with an empty payload body
and a "Location" HTTP header that points to the new "Individual VNF LCM
operation occurrence" resource, i.e. it includes the URI of that
resource which is "…/vnf_lcm_op_occs/{vnfLcmOpOccId}" but now "Location"
HTTP header is missing in the response when changing external

Closes-Bug: #1945387
Change-Id: I77c161b08c9c468fe6d4d243c1d098a0855bb2c8
3 months ago
Ai Hamano 321da73bf8 Add ChangeCurrentVnfPackage doc to user guide
This patch adds Change Current VNF Package document for
StandartUserData to the user guide.
If StandardUserData is used as UserData, Change Current VNF Package
can operate the following resources.
  * Change image of VMs
  * Change flavor of VMs
  * Modify, add, and delete external networks

Implements: blueprint enhance-change-package
Change-Id: Ib91c1d41dc35cadd0076e9c73e252bc8abce9aa4
3 months ago
YiFeng 4e074e922b Add docs of VNFM auto heal and scale
Usage guides for how to use VNFM for auto scale and heal.

Implements: blueprint support-auto-lcm
Change-Id: Ib3cce4da7b3f04a994f7b5803f45ca80a0a453cd
3 months ago
Zuul d457da69d9 Merge "Extend vim register function for helm in v2 API" 3 months ago
Zuul 674a7e4996 Merge "Fix incorrect lcmocc_id specified in "get_lcmocc"" 3 months ago
Ayumu Ueha 94d2433df7 Fix to upload as the appropriate image format
Cinder updates to check the format of images for security issue [1].
The format of cirros image is qcow2 but upload as raw at devstack init
process of Tacker.

This patch fixes to upload images to glance as the appropriate format.


Closes-Bug: #2008064
Change-Id: Ib7a36af99bc77f3bd1c95411760ff8cbd2456a3e
3 months ago
Shuwen Cai 2cbd84c56f Extend vim register function for helm in v2 API
In v2 API, when using vim with `ETSINFV.HELM.V_3` type, you must
set the `ssl_ca_cert` information. Currently, when registering vim
with kubernetes type and use_helm parameter, it will succeed even
if you don't set `ssl_ca_cert` information. This causes v2 APIs to
fail when you use the vimConnectionInfo stored in the database.

This patch added a check in register vim to fix this issue. If the
helm is used to register the vim of kubernetes type, the
`ssl_ca_cert` parameter will be checked. If it's not set, the
registration will fail.

At the same time, FT test items have been added to verify that
v2 API operations perform properly when using the `ETSINFV.HELM.V_3`
type vim that exists in the database.

Implements: blueprint helmchart-k8s-vim
Change-Id: I629e347413b242ab9e1a5db16c52ca222adc3873
3 months ago
Zuul f88b95e3e0 Merge "Update docs of User guide and API reference" 3 months ago
Yuta Kazato bb16f78280 Update docs of User guide and API reference
This patch provides the following User guide and
API documentation updates (fixes) in Tacker Antelope.

User doc:
* Update current support v2 API
  operation status in the cli doc.
* Fix the settings of "vimConnectionInfo".
  to the samples of "vimConnectionInfo".

API doc:
* Fix the misdescription of VNF LCM Interface v2.
* Fix the misdescription of VNF FM Interface v1.
* Fix the misdescription of VNF PM Interface v2.
* Fix the format of request parameters
  in Prometheus Plugin Interface
  and Fault Notification Interface.

Implements: blueprint enhance-change-package
Implements: blueprint support-auto-lcm
Co-Author: Taiki Kimura <>
Change-Id: I50c130d5de812efac631ed8ad1432a98a9d00e6c
3 months ago
Zuul 6827670a82 Merge "Add Placement error-handling to user guide" 3 months ago
Zuul 05a4a17803 Merge "Support tacker-db-manage for Multi DB backend" 3 months ago
Zuul b8beaccb7a Merge "Fix servernotification metadata issue" 3 months ago
Ken Fujimoto 7f5c3906e8 Fix incorrect lcmocc_id specified in "get_lcmocc"
This patch fixes incorrect lcmocc_id is specified in
"get_lcmocc" function if the lcmocc_id does not exist
in VnfLcmOpOccV2.

Closes-Bug: #2007819
Change-Id: Ic64f1916fd90888bee8bc504eb3c493f1f2d6341
3 months ago
Hiromu Asahina ed0ba564be Remove VIM monitoring depending on Mistral
This patch is a part of Legacy APIs deprecation.

Currently, the Tacker uses Mistral for the VIM monitoring but for
nothing else. Maintaining dependency on Mistral only for this feature
is ineffective in terms of maintainability. Moreover, the main use case
of Tacker is now VNFM that is not responsible for VIM monitoring.

This patch removes the dependency on Mistral for VIM monitoring.

Note: although there's no actual use, Tacker also depends on Mistral in
NS LCM, which will be removed by a different patch.

Implements: blueprint deprecate-legacy-apis

Change-Id: Ia11496da7942457239df59b52af817c76e736013
3 months ago