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17 Commits (1ce0d93410ef44d5daedd4507eab2800a49a3a2c)

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Manpreet Kaur 4819b827c8 Support feature to attach the existing volume 2 years ago
Koichiro Den 611d649548 Refine fenix maintenance FT 2 years ago
LiangLu c0647bde69 Implementation Artifacts support in Tacker 2 years ago
Hiroo Kitamura 3f3cee41c0 Support updating VNF parameters in tacker 3 years ago
Niraj Singh 4fa204b370 Add vnf packages RestFul APIs 3 years ago
niraj singh 1d7cd6f604 Add functional test for reservation support 4 years ago
nirajsingh 2595cc112f Add reservation support 4 years ago
bhagyashris 5f1e48ff46 Add new policy action: vdu_autoheal 4 years ago
doantungbk 829f50e915 Refactor: separating backend actions out from monitor 6 years ago
Bharath Thiruveedula ccb79934ec Implement VNFC support 6 years ago
dharmendra d0c419cd5b Upgrade keystone version from v2.0 t v3 in functional test cases 6 years ago
dharmendra 15c4d7ec5d Implement NSD Support part 2 6 years ago
doantungbk 0eafa5b1bf RFE alarm monitor: Fix hardcoded metadata,add func. test 6 years ago
Cao Xuan Hoang c159b4e640 Add Apache 2.0 license to source file 6 years ago
Kanagaraj Manickam f291eda290 VNF scaling: Functional test 6 years ago
dharmendra dbbf891fd2 Remove premature vnf delete from db 7 years ago
Santosh Kodicherla 28051f0ba2 Add Tacker monitoring tests 7 years ago