3 Commits (4fa1445d70ffaa548d1d54ce328fbbd11d9677b9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Renu 4fa1445d70 Software image path miss in uploading VNF package 7 months ago
Yasufumi Ogawa ddf28104a3 Update version of cirros image to 0.5.2 12 months ago
Yoshito Ito ba813054a4 Split FT to Legacy and SOL implementation 2 years ago
Koichiro Den cd43359543 Fix unupdated vnf package sizes in FT 2 years ago
Koichiro Den 180ff8ae4a Minor fixes and clean-ups 2 years ago
Yasufumi Ogawa a3377de871 Drop most of six importings 2 years ago
LiangLu c0647bde69 Implementation Artifacts support in Tacker 2 years ago
asmita singh ab50e471b9 Auth parameters for uploading vnf package from URI 2 years ago
Sameer d3cc82139e Fetch an on-boarded VNF package with HTTP_RANGE 2 years ago
Shubham 70ac63d834 Remove 'vnf_packages' key from vnf package list response 2 years ago
tpatil 3f5c81604e Support attribute filtering for GET /vnf_packages API 2 years ago
tpatil 31beaa32b8 Fix FT vnf package functional tests 2 years ago
Shubham Potale f03b615bfe Implement RestFul API to read VNFD of an on-boarded VNF package 2 years ago
ajay.parja c74cad521c Add VNF package update API 2 years ago
Niraj Singh 4fa204b370 Add vnf packages RestFul APIs 3 years ago