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LiangLu c0647bde69 Implementation Artifacts support in Tacker 2 years ago
Shubham 46bb74019c Avoid use of zip files in unit tests 3 years ago
asmita singh ab50e471b9 Auth parameters for uploading vnf package from URI 3 years ago
tpatil 428096a247 Add functional tests for vnflcm APIs 3 years ago
Martin Oemke 216082b439 Update hacking 7 years ago
Santosh Kodicherla b7070363d8 Add tacker create vnf test 7 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 04ae125290 s/oslo.config/oslo_config/ 8 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 6125f5fcab rename neutron/tests to tacker/tests 9 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 8aff29509f import neutron master of cba140daccd7c4f715263cda422d5cec27af069d 9 years ago