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Zuul 02aed879ff Merge "Support UT for agent/linux/" 5 years ago
Yan Xing'an bcf269cab0 Support UT for agent/linux/
Add UT test file agent/linux/

Partially Implements: blueprint test-addition-refactoring

Change-Id: Icadc53637b8c2b7fb857c4f015f0f4d595d2987f
5 years ago
Yan Xing'an 929183a893 Enable UT
Remove the skip line in this file, and make some changes to
make them pass.

Partially Implements: blueprint test-addition-refactoring

Change-Id: I6b747da14bc743dbd2b79a6629e761d316de629f
5 years ago
Zuul 92068990be Merge "Switch to oslo_messaging.ConfFixture.transport_url" 5 years ago
Steve Kowalik f1e8bdd5e7 Switch to oslo_messaging.ConfFixture.transport_url
oslo_messaging's rpc_backend setting, which is set by
ConfFixture.transport_driver has been deprecated since Newton. To allow
oslo_messaging to remove it, switch to setting transport_url instead.

Change-Id: Ic8a137794ac0805a4e5890bda9eb2740f2bf9d76
Partial-Bug: #1712399
5 years ago
nitesh vanarase b2ac5b6702 VIM should accept valid boolean values for is_default
In case of create VIM API, is_default_parameter accepts any string
values like "abc" or "1234" and set the value as True. It should
strictly check for valid boolean values.

Fixed this issue by using convert_to_boolean validator. so now, if
you pass any non-boolean value, it will return 400 error to the user.

The below test case fails if we inherit the test class
'..tests.unit.base.TestCase' from '..tests.base.BaseTestCase' with


The reason behind the failure is, the raised exception
'..extensions.nfvo.NoTasksException' expects that the 'action' and
'resource' should be passed as arguments to the exception while raising
it to form the exception message. If you don't pass these two arguments
then it fails to form the exception message and raises KeyError.
This happens because the '..tests.base.BaseTestCase' test class uses
exception fixture and sets 'use_fatal_exceptions' to True always which
results into not raising the raised exception again and it tries to
form the exception message and pass it to the base class __init__ for
further processing. It fails and raises KeyError while forming that
exception message because in 'test_create_ns_workflow_no_task_exception'
test case these arguments are not passed to the exception while

To fix this test case, passed the required 'action' and 'resource'
arguments to the exception while raising it.

Closes-Bug: #1746538
Change-Id: Ib533b38a48d31cb26eecdc546b20b0f99beeaa34
5 years ago
ritesh.arya 6455f63815 Replace six.iteritems() with .items()
1.As mentioned in [1], we should avoid using
six.iteritems to achieve iterators.
We can use dict.items instead, as it will return
iterators in PY3 as well. And dict.items/keys will more readable.
2.In py2, the performance about list should be negligible, see the link [2].

Fixed the Error in the file continuation line over-indented
for visual indent.

Change-Id: Ia1d5e6a73112f7093fccc4aa0d541250439193be
6 years ago
gong yong sheng a9644cbbad Move unit tests dir to tacker/tests/unit
Some tests are skipped for the time being, will be fixed

Change-Id: Iaaadf8faea9efc63b1e5b9c40ef74072426a539a
Closes-bug: #1617167
6 years ago
gong yong sheng 2048383106 Remove rpc_compat which is not used at all.
Change-Id: I46df9cb666ff2bc258b3e235c509478d00559d35
Partial-Bug: #1552282
7 years ago
dharmendra 643e73095a py3.x: Use six.iteritems for Iterable dict items.
py3.x: Use six.iteritems for Iterable dict items instead of dict.iteritems.
Related-Bug: #1547712

Change-Id: I1e66c1e2a3f0235029795e48e8779229420d4821
7 years ago
Martin Oemke d517c24e00 Cleanup vim settings
This patch cleans up vim settings in .py files.
Settings should be handled in local settings.

Change-Id: I3dcb1b062cb5f51e59bf6e7463a4fedc2c283491
7 years ago
Martin Oemke 456650d663 Fix E265 errors in tacker code
This Patch fixes all E265 errors and
enables this test for all new patches to tacker.

E265 block comment should start with ‘# ‘

see OpenStack Style Guidelines

Change-Id: I4b1234fab420174d99b2c13a5b25c1f7c5d4909f
Related-Bug: 1515930
8 years ago
Sridhar Ramaswamy e67a9e03ae Support Tacker service in master branch
Change references to oslo.messaging into oslo_messaging

Change-Id: I281ada8dd859a221994ba99c3bbd1bfe3d186451
Closes-Bug: 1480551
8 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 04ae125290 s/oslo.config/oslo_config/
Change-Id: I0ea5ff7209aba2b9874283e5728cd74250ca571a
8 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 6125f5fcab rename neutron/tests to tacker/tests
Change-Id: I8a06ad8acde84b6635b87a9679924443550feaa8
9 years ago