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Hiroo Kitamura 3f3cee41c0 Support updating VNF parameters in tacker
Implementation to update parameters of created VNF in tacker.

Change-Id: I7746644f7340ea8e25150f9fd8fbc59ec4e5c720
3 years ago
Niraj Singh 4fa204b370 Add vnf packages RestFul APIs
Implemented following APIs:-

* GET    /vnf_packages
* POST   /vnf_packages/
* GET    /vnf_packages/{vnfPkgId}
* DELETE /vnf_packages/{vnfPkgId}
* PUT    /vnf_packages/{vnfPkgId}/package_content
* POST   /vnf_packages/{vnfPkgId}/package_content/upload_from_uri

Partial-Implements: blueprint tosca-csar-mgmt-driver

Depends-On: If8155399df12a96cb86631dfa22eaca7a5a8d398

Co-Author: Neha Alhat <>
Change-Id: Id3b4812e24a1ed84fe94429e074f96ae11530517
4 years ago
niraj singh 1d7cd6f604 Add functional test for reservation support
Added functional test for reservation support.

Implements: blueprint reservation-vnfm
Change-Id: Ia09240875bd5c0ceb70602d73a0a5c94a4dde060
4 years ago
nirajsingh 2595cc112f Add reservation support
Added reservation policy support.
With reservation policy user can use the reserved resources
by blazar to create VNF.

Implements: blueprint reservation-vnfm
Change-Id: Ia6a87894ba219c045140e8e65e03f87509bbdb6d
4 years ago
bhagyashris 5f1e48ff46 Add new policy action: vdu_autoheal
This patch adds below functionality:

- New policy action ``vdu_autoheal`` for recovering failed VDUs
  as reported by the respective monitoring driver configured in
  the monitoring policy of the VNFD template.

- Add unit/functional tests.

- Added oslo_versioned library to implement HealVnfRequest object.

Note: The implementation of vdu_autoheal policy action will support
HealVnfRequest interface  as mentioned in the ETSI standard [1]


Implements: blueprint vdu-auto-healing
Change-Id: If62acbdac41c92842de0ae3b7dedcda9fd1f86e6
4 years ago
doantungbk 829f50e915 Refactor: separating backend actions out from monitor
Currently, backend actions are tightly coupled with monitor module.
This is like a barrier when we have a various actions in the future.
Also, it will be good for separating monitoring-related features out
from tacker-server. This patch also proposes a policy action framework so
that VNF operators can easily add their own actions.

Change-Id: I6ad163f7435c3b778810f96c506c77298be0c53d
Closes-bug: #1582446
6 years ago
Bharath Thiruveedula ccb79934ec Implement VNFC support
Change-Id: Ib3be5c8c19b17bac4add76c0210c1ec7af3d99ac
implements-blueprint: vnf-components-support
Co-Authored-By: Manikantha Srinivas Tadi <>
6 years ago
dharmendra d0c419cd5b Upgrade keystone version from v2.0 t v3 in functional test cases
Functional test cases refer to kesytone auth url version v2.0.
This version is deprecated. Update to v3.

Change-Id: I0676f8b5c7a5925de649f7a8909188ffbe7fd5ca
Closes-bug: 1594448
6 years ago
dharmendra 15c4d7ec5d Implement NSD Support part 2
This patchset adds mistral workflow, tests, sample templates
and user guide for NSD

Change-Id: If53081bc76a5436287b307538a1255c65fc71cb2
Co-Authored-By: Bharath Thiruveedula<>
Partially-implements: blueprint nsd-support
6 years ago
doantungbk 0eafa5b1bf RFE alarm monitor: Fix hardcoded metadata,add func. test
This patch will focus on:
1. Fixing hardcoded metadata
2. Adding functional test for alarm monitor
3. Refactoring tosca template for alarm monitor
4. Refactoring scaling in/out support in alarm monitor
5. Supporting multi-trigger

Partial-bug: #1630614
Change-Id: Ic5d0046d0dc0b4381713bda01c485cecae17abea
7 years ago
Cao Xuan Hoang c159b4e640 Add Apache 2.0 license to source file
As per OpenStack licensing guide lines [1]:
[H102 H103] Newly contributed Source Code should be licensed under
the Apache 2.0 license.
[H104] Files with no code shouldn't contain any license header nor
comments, and must be left completely empty.


Change-Id: I0da33542af07e461004011e911e0410b48221ab3
7 years ago
Kanagaraj Manickam f291eda290 VNF scaling: Functional test
implements blueprint: #vnf-scaling

Change-Id: I29269369faf57766ac51c2d12e10fecc1331e474
7 years ago
dharmendra dbbf891fd2 Remove premature vnf delete from db
Hold the vnf in "PENDING_DELETE" state until underlying heat-stack
deletion is complete.
Closes-bug: #1554663

Change-Id: I5c52a9fc55950355f9122cc907f41cb8b9217a5c
7 years ago
Santosh Kodicherla 28051f0ba2 Add Tacker monitoring tests
Adding tacker functional test for monitoring feature

Change-Id: I921f32f6265689a30fd1adaa63cc2d29ff84c5a5
Closes-Bug: 1500565
8 years ago