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gong yong sheng a9644cbbad Move unit tests dir to tacker/tests/unit
Some tests are skipped for the time being, will be fixed

Change-Id: Iaaadf8faea9efc63b1e5b9c40ef74072426a539a
Closes-bug: #1617167
6 years ago
dharmendra 4d58c761a0 Remove neutron agents codes
Partial-Bug: 1515864

Co-Authored-By: gong yong sheng <>
Co-Authored-By: dharmendra <>

Change-Id: Id5ffba5767950a63097f99e0284a6215dc7e5476
7 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 6125f5fcab rename neutron/tests to tacker/tests
Change-Id: I8a06ad8acde84b6635b87a9679924443550feaa8
9 years ago