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Keiko Kuriu 86cfa2afa4 Fix bytestring bugs in Python3.7 unittest
This patch fix bugs regarding bytestring "mgmt_ip_address" and
assertion test for bytestring "req.body".

Change-Id: I76424f64b2e436da05f9871adfa11b8bef9a3939
4 years ago
dharmendra 9cfab81c2c Python3 support
In order to achieve py3-first goals, upgrading code base that will be
compatible with py3 as well as py2.

Change-Id: I562c63c576cc2f5dc5d93b5ec6741152e1f80466
4 years ago
Yan Xing'an 3d583d241a Improve UT test_alarm_receiver
Add two cases into alarm receiver UT.

Partially Implements: blueprint test-addition-refactoring

Change-Id: I89499e3975d28d43352dde325cbe26aea5ec2443
5 years ago
yong sheng gong ac580099c1 Arrange unit test codes according to tested code directory
Change-Id: Iefd2e6c016f15d5760ea9cba872a09dada75ed11
Closes-bug: 1673694
6 years ago