143 Commits (ae3ad13f27277afd531e9daf00f7495b6538276a)

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OpenStack Release Bot ae3ad13f27 Update master for stable/wallaby 4 months ago
Yasufumi Ogawa 848ea16fe3 Fix corrupted styles in prelude in releasenotes 4 months ago
Yoshito Ito 3d64adc921 Wallaby 5.0.0 releasenote prelude section 4 months ago
Aldinson Esto 02ddbd6310 Support for Retry Operation 5 months ago
LiangLu a43e5434b6 Sample script for deploying Kubernetes cluster 5 months ago
Ayumu Ueha b05a83db76 Support CNF heal operations based on ETSI NFV 5 months ago
Ayumu Ueha 8a8948e616 Support CNF scale operations based on ETSI NFV 8 months ago
LiangLu f88022cdc2 Implement SOL001 features to MgmtDriver 7 months ago
Manpreet Kaur 28cf5645e2 Dropping explicit unicode literal 6 months ago
Manpreet Kaur 4819b827c8 Support feature to attach the existing volume 9 months ago
Ghanshyam Mann 40a48bde6b [goal] Deprecate the JSON formatted policy file 7 months ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 20c5eb77e6 Imported Translations from Zanata 8 months ago
Shubham 01cf3efd4c Convert software image properties to byte 1 year ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 313eb776c4 Imported Translations from Zanata 9 months ago
Keiko Kuriu 8b694d9235 Add releasenote for ETSI NFV specs 10 months ago
Yoshito Ito b4fd1ab437 Add releasenote for CNF support 10 months ago
OpenStack Release Bot 07eea0f00a Update master for stable/victoria 10 months ago
Andreas Jaeger 02d86ba40f Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions 1 year ago
nirajsingh aff272b3c4 Support short notation for artifacts definition 2 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot 273a3d29d2 Update master for stable/ussuri 1 year ago
Shubham 70ac63d834 Remove 'vnf_packages' key from vnf package list response 1 year ago
Ghanshyam Mann 71658dc910 Drop python 2.7 support and testing 2 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 61520ccc02 Imported Translations from Zanata 2 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot c90ba7d710 Update master for stable/train 2 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 0011e39ee1 Imported Translations from Zanata 2 years ago
bhagyashris d7ca6c5f9b Add vnf packages documentation 2 years ago
dharmendra a6eb1ca5c1 Add release note for bug-1833505 2 years ago
dharmendra 443ad22e29 Add release note for VNF and NS force delete. 2 years ago
dharmendra b951741d40 Add release note for bug-1829384. 2 years ago
pengyuesheng 301c2eb497 Bump the openstackdocstheme extension to 1.20 2 years ago
dharmendra ba5799c778 Add Stein Reno for keystone v3 usages and test refactoring 2 years ago
dharmendra bbdd08de76 Add release note for the fixes in stein. 2 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot 300d56a2ce Update master for stable/stein 2 years ago
nirajsingh 2595cc112f Add reservation support 3 years ago
Cong Phuoc Hoang 0e7fffbc77 Add support SFC encapsulation from networking-sfc 3 years ago
bhagyashris 5f1e48ff46 Add new policy action: vdu_autoheal 3 years ago
akhiljain23 fb06b7c96c Add framework for tacker-status upgrade check 3 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot e5f9d249ca Imported Translations from Zanata 3 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot 21bd3f13c6 Update reno for stable/rocky 3 years ago
Cong Phuoc Hoang df8be52ac7 Add 'symmetrical' as property of a forwarding path 3 years ago
Li Jiale 210d8f93bb Support shared vim for policy action execution 3 years ago
hoangphuocbk 0da9469017 Move usage from deprecated Ceilometer API to Gnocchi API 4 years ago
dineshbhor f47bf1ba32 Add placement policies support 3 years ago
Nguyen Hai f16ac7c79f Update cirros to 0.4.0 3 years ago
dharmendra a7ba6d02aa Correct error handling for PENDING_DELETE VNFs. 3 years ago
Trinh Nguyen 422055b9ba Implement VNFFG support for NS 3 years ago
zhangzs c31042339e fix a typo 3 years ago
Nguyen Hai d50bb9578d Fix create_vnffgd cannot get description from TOSCA file 3 years ago
Cong Phuoc Hoang d07d5448d3 Add reusing feature when creating VNFFG. 3 years ago
Cong Phuoc Hoang 80eef8071a Add reno note for creating VNFFG without flow-classifier feature 3 years ago