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Sridhar Ramaswamy dcd5e78ec4 Initial api-ref skeleton for Tacker
This patch is the first step to bring the NFV Orchestration
API Reference to the repository.
It is a part of the effort described here [1]:


Once this skeleton patch is merged, an api-ref job can be added to
the gate. The gate job makes it much easier to review API Reference
contents, which will be brought by follow-on patches.

Change-Id: I7cc587f2c7b3c546be9cd11bad7e3b4eeacad171
Co-Authored-By: Naoya Harada <>
7 years ago
Kanagaraj Manickam e575760d3c Sample tacker.conf generator
It also make required keystone config changes as part
of devstack plugin, which helps the functional test cases
to successfully complete and it makes inline with existing
tacker conf.

Closes-bug: #1592247
Change-Id: I545ceb2c9e61c22dbd8a0e1ee39a6e4fa24f8e88
7 years ago
Martin Oemke 7fac85f24a Add .idea/ to .gitignore
Change-Id: Id81876c9ad5703d491229b1b2fd7480c7794ea43
7 years ago
Tin Lam cce8dc64e8 Add reno support to tacker
Added release notes management to tacker project similar
to other OpenStack projects.  See [1].


Change-Id: I0efbf340251ba2cfb6a862f2c50905453d873e3d
7 years ago
Isaku Yamahata bddc116913 update configuration files for tacker
TODO: import python-tackerclient once pypi repository

Change-Id: Iedfa49682a03f898cacab5d3a936383cb2740ae0
9 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 8aff29509f import neutron master of cba140daccd7c4f715263cda422d5cec27af069d
Merge Neutron master branch to tacker master branch with modification
of tox.ini and .gitreview.
This patch imports the following change set of Neutron.

  > commit cba140daccd7c4f715263cda422d5cec27af069d
  > Merge: 63d8237 6bed4a0
  > Author: Jenkins <>
  > Date:   Sun Jun 22 16:02:56 2014 +0000
  >     Merge "Adding static routes data for members"

Change-Id: I5a0f522bc20530c46e35dc9e03fe72d72ad04577
9 years ago