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soumiyajit e01be4f9d8 Removed utf-8 encoding
py35 automatically recognizes utf-8 string. Therefore there is no
need to specify it in the header.

Change-Id: I2a5447685b5cd13eba761c100cfb95be99fbc9d4
Closes-Bug: #1671495
6 years ago
Jenkins 54a4985ba3 Merge "api-ref for nsd, ns" 6 years ago
dharmendra b633045120 api-ref for nsd, ns
Change-Id: Iafd840923bd98bd5b07fe12e57d5d7180a5afbca
6 years ago
janki a3ea91d124 Support VNF create from inline template
Accept transient VNFD template as part of VNF creation without
need for VNFD onboarding into Tacker VNFD catalog.

Change-Id: I3c8bbe139dec27adbfc943d3ac9f909db8097f89
Implements: blueprint vnf-inline-template
Depends-On: I719237dd04dd7fe13fb7e7964402d7074679b2d6
6 years ago
janki eecbc5e3ea Update api-ref rest parameters
api-ref tests are failing due to few parameters missing in rest_parameters stanza.

Change-Id: I30ffcdbd0f4f3830a3481d7f6495c6cf67a947b1
Closes-Bug: #1660315
6 years ago
janki dc7426f03a Update API Ref guide
Update API ref guide to remove infra amd mgmt drivers information from the APIs.

Change-Id: Ice91d2fa16b42a171ce5735c2e27eb4df5346156
Partial-Bug: #1630936
7 years ago
Naoya Harada 4a0b5c4569 API reference documentation
This patch follows on api-ref skeleton [1] and brings the
NFV Orchestration API reference content to the repository.
It is a part of the effort described in [2].


Change-Id: Ia2d91adb33f10df9073de74eb82cc19be29a3da2
7 years ago
Sridhar Ramaswamy dcd5e78ec4 Initial api-ref skeleton for Tacker
This patch is the first step to bring the NFV Orchestration
API Reference to the repository.
It is a part of the effort described here [1]:


Once this skeleton patch is merged, an api-ref job can be added to
the gate. The gate job makes it much easier to review API Reference
contents, which will be brought by follow-on patches.

Change-Id: I7cc587f2c7b3c546be9cd11bad7e3b4eeacad171
Co-Authored-By: Naoya Harada <>
7 years ago