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Isaku Yamahata 8aff29509f import neutron master of cba140daccd7c4f715263cda422d5cec27af069d
Merge Neutron master branch to tacker master branch with modification
of tox.ini and .gitreview.
This patch imports the following change set of Neutron.

  > commit cba140daccd7c4f715263cda422d5cec27af069d
  > Merge: 63d8237 6bed4a0
  > Author: Jenkins <>
  > Date:   Sun Jun 22 16:02:56 2014 +0000
  >     Merge "Adding static routes data for members"

Change-Id: I5a0f522bc20530c46e35dc9e03fe72d72ad04577
9 years ago