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Tacker is an OpenStack based NFV Orchestrator service with built-in general
purpose VNF Manager to deploy and operate Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)
on an OpenStack based NFV Platform. It is based on ETSI MANO Architectural
Framework and provides a fully functional stack to orchestrate VNFs end-to-end.
Installation instructions and user guides can be found at:
Tacker code base supports OpenStack master and other releases. Please
follow the instructions in the above address for a successful installation of
corresponding release.
Tacker code is available in following repositories:
* **Tacker server:**
* **Tacker Python client:**
* **Tacker Horizon UI:**
Please report bugs at:
External Resources:
* Tacker Wiki:
* Tacker Blueprints:
* For help on usage and hacking of Tacker, please send an email to
OpenStack-dev Mailing List <>
with **[openstack-dev] [Tacker]** tag.
* To get release notes: `Tacker Release Notes