Ayumu Ueha f410d66e83 Obsolete Legacy APIs excluding VIM feature
This patch obsoletes Legacy APIs excluding VIM feature.
And this patch mainly contains the following changes:

* Drop the implementation/db of NS and VNFFG functions.
* Remove the implementation that was used only by Legacy VNFM features.
* Remove the following components used only by Legacy features.
  * ceilometer
  * fenix
  * blazar
* Drop the functional test jobs for Legacy features.
* Delete the unnecessary files that were used in Legacy tests.

Implements: blueprint deprecate-legacy-apis
Change-Id: I76ba79f42cf7c3f04c48a87de4ae893f2d53e467
2024-03-14 05:32:30 +00:00
tacker Obsolete Legacy APIs excluding VIM feature 2024-03-14 05:32:30 +00:00