Hiromu Asahina 5d59833b20 Terraform Infra-Driver
This patch provides terraform infra-driver with several unit and
functional tests and is build an environment for terraform. The
supported version of terraform is v1.4.0 or later.

To build the terraform environment that need to install as follow

 - awscli
 - docker
 - localstack or moto server
 - terraform

Implements: blueprint terraform-infra-driver
Change-Id: I14414c42229dcdb8e0083d7c51d6be6b5f2fc841
2023-09-15 21:16:24 +09:00
post.yaml Use Zuul v3 fetch-subunit-output 2018-01-16 08:24:02 +01:00
pre.yaml Terraform Infra-Driver 2023-09-15 21:16:24 +09:00
run.yaml Add a seperate controller subnode to subdivide the memory load 2020-12-15 06:08:08 +00:00