Yasufumi Ogawa 04d2c197d9 Update installer for virtualbox/ubuntu-jammy
This patch is to fix a lack of required packages for building devstack
environment and drop old focal support.

* Add pip installation of pbr for ovn-metadata agent and netaddr for

* Remove boxes and playbooks for focal.

Signed-off-by: Yasufumi Ogawa <yasufum.o@gmail.com>
Change-Id: Ie345e50e09a3236d0c2ab9ff1494058bdc6c010b
2024-02-28 20:07:24 +09:00
centos-stream8 Introduce vagrant for devstack 2022-03-10 19:30:49 +09:00
ubuntu-jammy Update installer for virtualbox/ubuntu-jammy 2024-02-28 20:07:24 +09:00