Tacker: ETSI MANO NFV Orchestrator / VNF Manager. See https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Tacker
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OpenStack Release Bot ae3ad13f27 Update master for stable/wallaby 4 months ago
.placeholder Add reno support to tacker 5 years ago
Correct-handling-for-PENDING_DELETE-VNFs-7f6becfa36cc38d2.yaml Correct error handling for PENDING_DELETE VNFs. 3 years ago
add-VNF-to-monitor-after-restarting-tacker-cf953f8b3bf2a6ba.yaml Add release note for the fixes in stein. 2 years ago
add-allowed_address_pairs-support-for-Tacker-73f5d476a54b4182.yaml Add allowed_address_pairs support in tacker CP 4 years ago
add-block-storage-support-to-tacker-5c349ba112a3c087.yaml Implement Block Storage Support - Part 1 4 years ago
add-key-name-support-to-tosca-nodes-nfv-VDU-Tracker-bf415eaf6eb13c0d.yaml Add key injection support to tosca.nodes.nfv.VDU.Tacker 5 years ago
add-multiple-classifiers-05d0ee3708bfd4df.yaml [Bug-Fix] Add support for multiple classifiers per chain 4 years ago
add-names-to-classifiers-ad6e9bf65d68a741.yaml Add names to classifiers in the vnffgd template 4 years ago
add-ns-vnffg-inline-template-a2eadd76495ccf63.yaml Update creating directly VNFFG and NS from descriptor template. 4 years ago
add-parameter-support-vnffg-b6b790b2f4590a91.yaml Support parameter input for vnffg template 5 years ago
add-reservation-policy-support-0a197cfc7659cddf.yaml Add reservation support 2 years ago
add-reuse-vnf-when-create-vnffg-7c4fd1bde2270be1.yaml Add reusing feature when creating VNFFG. 3 years ago
add-security-groups-support-to-tosca-template-b4d9dec71400eebf.yaml Provide support for security groups for ConnectionPoints 5 years ago
add-support-containerised-vnfs-4885e45017a79a20.yaml Add document and release note for containerised vnf feature 4 years ago
add-support-nsh-encapsulation-7587127e4201fa26.yaml Add support SFC encapsulation from networking-sfc 3 years ago
add-symmetrical-as-property-forwarding-path-b7e6568b19ece356.yaml Add 'symmetrical' as property of a forwarding path 3 years ago
add-upgrade-check-framework-33d6e16e24a50207.yaml Add framework for tacker-status upgrade check 3 years ago
add-vdu-autoheal-action-42dd5f23c5ba8d34.yaml Add new policy action: vdu_autoheal 3 years ago
add-vim-monitor-to-tacker-3bccceaeb2ef6989.yaml Add monitor feature to the VIM 5 years ago
add-vnf-details-api-b38a225d0020b812.yaml Add VNF resource details to get vnf API 5 years ago
add-vnf-forwarding-graph-9c6cd9c52592d271.yaml Add release notes for VNF Forwarding Graph 5 years ago
add-vnfc-support-to-tosca-template-f8e34334ba823f34.yaml Implement VNFC support 5 years ago
alarm-based-monitoring-7d0f2338409d6d9f.yaml Update the documentation link for doc migration 4 years ago
assign-floating-ip-to-vdu-50fe2a2d792db6c0.yaml Assign floating IP to the vdu 4 years ago
attach-existing-volume-67d58cf4a8c5cb66.yaml Support feature to attach the existing volume 6 months ago
bp-support-etsi-nfv-specs-1f603efcf6d1599e.yaml Add releasenote for ETSI NFV specs 10 months ago
bp-tosca-csar-mgmt-driver-6dbf9e847c8fe77a.yaml Add vnf packages documentation 2 years ago
bug-1590215-8b4bba0d0decc3f1.yaml replace the class path uuid based stack names with vnf names 4 years ago
bug-1611228-c7b09ef670e420f6.yaml Check mgmt_driver in TOSCA template supported by VNFM 3 years ago
bug-1691363-5b8366640b16239b.yaml Restrict VNF deletion, if part of Active NS 4 years ago
bug-1706189-c833db8113452f1a.yaml Organize tacker documentation and fix doc-mirgation 3 years ago
bug-1709226-ccb892eafc82cf9b.yaml Update the ns's description processing in ns_db.NSPluginDb.create_ns(). 4 years ago
bug-1734316-change-response-code-e74907cb7c800bc7.yaml Fix 500 when creating already on-boarded VNF 4 years ago
bug-1751433-625a0f4645d7f52b.yaml Fix create_vnffgd cannot get description from TOSCA file 3 years ago
bug-1754603-f4f8d7224283d3a1.yaml Change the unusable link in Gerrit Dashboards 3 years ago
bug-1829384-b63fd88cc0895a7e.yaml Add release note for bug-1829384. 2 years ago
bug-1833505-bedcdfa7f662a17f.yaml Add release note for bug-1833505 2 years ago
bug-1871054-get-vnfpackages-response-d9211712cf419bef.yaml Remove 'vnf_packages' key from vnf package list response 1 year ago
cirros-0.4.0-eb67919441885399.yaml Update cirros to 0.4.0 3 years ago
create-vnffg-without-flow-classifier-913d79783629e719.yaml Add reno note for creating VNFFG without flow-classifier feature 3 years ago
customized-openwrt-24312101a9c5746b.yaml Add reno note for OpenWRT mgmt driver and customized OpenWRT image 3 years ago
deprecate-json-formatted-policy-file-fe2040675d7fea38.yaml [goal] Deprecate the JSON formatted policy file 6 months ago
deprecate-vnfd-legacy-template-41a0560aee1addc3.yaml VNFD Legacy templates deprecated 5 years ago
drop-py-2-7-8db9ceef15903295.yaml Drop python 2.7 support and testing 2 years ago
encrypt_vim_auth_with_barbican-ad5f6ba9a6f94f0d.yaml Support to use barbican to encode vim password 4 years ago
errorhandling_fail_retry-31a42c3c7877e0e8.yaml Support for Retry Operation 4 months ago
extend-k8s-support-with-sol003-c63760c65e5a38ae.yaml Fix corrupted styles in prelude in releasenotes 4 months ago
fix-Kubernetes-VIM-installation-error-cd7b5fb014518989.yaml Add release note for the fixes in stein. 2 years ago
fix-keystone-v3-support-in-vim-6d841e28b3e5bb78.yaml Add domain name info into auth for keystone v3 5 years ago
force-delete-resources-61770c4ac5f5f119.yaml Add release note for VNF and NS force delete. 2 years ago
guru-meditation-support-66a467c1c2746570.yaml Add guru meditation support 5 years ago
http-port-change-to-9890-d51e3d836b0f32f7.yaml Release notes for deafult port change 5 years ago
implement-vnf-mapping-update-1151c52a71e8ad75.yaml Implement the vnf-mapping update functionality 4 years ago
implement-vnffg-support-for-ns-3acd9759e87c9d0c.yaml Implement VNFFG support for NS 3 years ago
improve-turned-messages-9b72119497194be5.yaml Add release note for the fixes in stein. 2 years ago
infra-mgmt-driver-deprecation-from-api-3a4420ddfec4267c.yaml Deprecate warning for infra_driver and mgmt_driver at server 5 years ago
kubernetes-as-vim-56828fbe085ed279.yaml Support Kubernetes as VIM in Tacker 4 years ago
mgmt-driver-for-deploying-kubernetes-cluster-9ce82cc550b50065.yaml Sample script for deploying Kubernetes cluster 4 months ago
move-usage-from-ceilometer-to-gnocchi-api-a08d47042428ec0a.yaml Move usage from deprecated Ceilometer API to Gnocchi API 3 years ago
nsd-support-3982f780fc575232.yaml fix a typo 3 years ago
only-keystone-v3-api-34921ef963431613.yaml Add Stein Reno for keystone v3 usages and test refactoring 2 years ago
refactor-mgmt-driver-with-sol001-a18c3a174062447a.yaml Implement SOL001 features to MgmtDriver 5 months ago
remove-deprecated-YAML-string-856511b2f72ecb40.yaml Add release note for the fixes in stein. 2 years ago
remove-legacy-vnfd-templates-93ff22d2f95e354f.yaml Remove support for legacy VNFD templates. 5 years ago
sample-config-file-f653eac0183bfa92.yaml Sample tacker.conf generator 5 years ago
shared-barbican-secret-8024670361b91a30.yaml Support shared vim for policy action execution 3 years ago
store-software-image-prop-in-bytes-d517fee13c70d7a0.yaml Convert software image properties to byte 9 months ago
support-cnf-heal-with-etsi-sol-34b404bd2709ad51.yaml Support CNF heal operations based on ETSI NFV 4 months ago
support-cnf-scale-with-sol003-99ad0c79f205e745.yaml Support CNF scale operations based on ETSI NFV 5 months ago
support-short-notation-for-artifacts-8e7781fedcc8df33.yaml Support short notation for artifacts definition 1 year ago
tacker-conductor-189281e2b6467b76.yaml Add release notes for tacker conductor and mistral vim monitoring 4 years ago
tacker-scaling-c99a77544501bc5d.yaml Fix typo in Tacker 4 years ago
tacker-symmetric-vnffg-1a5b7790b69f9eea.yaml Add reno note for symmetric bug fix 4 years ago
tacker-vim-monitoring-in-mistral-9e4710fcd1db5bc3.yaml Add release notes for tacker conductor and mistral vim monitoring 4 years ago
tacker-workflow-definition-1a5b7790b69f9eb7.yaml Implement tacker workflows 5 years ago
test-cases-refactoring-4e665160d8d90aef.yaml Add Stein Reno for keystone v3 usages and test refactoring 2 years ago
unique-names-vnf-vnfd-vim-832a23d77893ca01.yaml Introduce uniqueness constraint on resource names 5 years ago
update-existing-vnffg-290dbd5175559bb3.yaml Implement update VNFFG functionality 4 years ago
vdu-affinity-policy-673e4dc7b76ef58f.yaml Add placement policies support 3 years ago
vnf-inline-template-7b2a07e47f7ccf1a.yaml Support VNF create from inline template 5 years ago
vnfd-ip-mac-address-c77830611ff1cb89.yaml Add mac_address into CP's properties. 5 years ago
vnfd-vnf-vim-name-mandatory-in-tacker-cb657fd11d725781.yaml Make VNFD/VNF/VIM Name Mandatory in Tacker API's 5 years ago
wallaby-prelude-db9061cbdf00f7c2.yaml Wallaby 5.0.0 releasenote prelude section 4 months ago
zabbix-plugin-da2f8867acafd405.yaml Zabbix Plugin for Application Monitoring in Tacker VNF Manager 4 years ago