Tap-as-a-Service is a project to introduce the functionality of port mirroring in OpenStack Neutron provisioned networks.
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envlist = docs,py35,py27,pep8
minversion = 1.8
skipsdist = True
ignore_basepython_conflict = True
basepython = python3
setenv = VIRTUAL_ENV={envdir}
usedevelop = True
install_command = pip install {opts} {packages}
deps = -c{env:TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE:https://opendev.org/openstack/requirements/raw/branch/master/upper-constraints.txt}
commands = find . -type f -name "*.py[c|o]" -delete
find . -type l -name "*.py[c|o]" -delete
find . -type d -name "__pycache__" -delete
stestr run '{posargs}'
whitelist_externals = find
sitepackages = True
commands =
neutron-db-manage --subproject tap-as-a-service --database-connection sqlite:// check_migration
commands = {posargs}
setenv =
PYTHON=coverage run --source neutron_taas --parallel-mode
commands =
stestr run --no-subunit-trace {posargs}
coverage combine
coverage report --fail-under=50 --skip-covered
coverage html -d cover
coverage xml -o cover/coverage.xml
deps = -c{env:TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE:https://releases.openstack.org/constraints/upper/master}
commands = sphinx-build -W -d doc/build/doctrees -b html doc/source doc/build/html
commands = sphinx-build -a -E -W -d releasenotes/build/doctrees -b html releasenotes/source releasenotes/build/html
commands = oslopolicy-sample-generator --config-file etc/policy-generator.conf
commands = oslo_debug_helper {posargs}
# E123, E125 skipped as they are invalid PEP-8.
# W504 Line break occurred after a binary operator
show-source = True
ignore = E123,E125,W504
builtins = _
extension =
# Checks from neutron-lib
N521 = neutron_lib.hacking.checks:use_jsonutils
N524 = neutron_lib.hacking.checks:check_no_contextlib_nested
N529 = neutron_lib.hacking.checks:no_mutable_default_args
N532 = neutron_lib.hacking.translation_checks:check_log_warn_deprecated
N534 = neutron_lib.hacking.translation_checks:check_raised_localized_exceptions
N536 = neutron_lib.hacking.checks:assert_equal_none
N537 = neutron_lib.hacking.translation_checks:no_translate_logs
import_exceptions = neutron_taas._i18n
deps =
# run locally (not in the gate) using editable mode
# https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/reference/pip_install/#editable-installs
commands =
pip install -q -e "git+https://opendev.org/openstack/neutron#egg=neutron"
commands =
commands =