Make handle pbr not being installed

Since pbr is now only a dev/build-time requirement of taskflow
and not a run-time or test-time requirement we should not have
a version file that explicitly requires pbr to exist to function

To accommodate when pbr is not found use the pkg_resources function
that can provide the installed version instead so that we still
provide back a valid version.

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@ -14,17 +14,19 @@
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from pbr import version as pbr_version
import pkg_resources
TASK_VENDOR = "OpenStack Foundation"
TASK_PRODUCT = "OpenStack TaskFlow"
TASK_PACKAGE = None # OS distro package version suffix
version_info = pbr_version.VersionInfo('taskflow')
def version_string():
return version_info.version_string()
from pbr import version as pbr_version
_version_info = pbr_version.VersionInfo('taskflow')
version_string = _version_info.version_string
except ImportError:
_version_info = pkg_resources.get_distribution('taskflow')
version_string = lambda: _version_info.version
def version_string_with_package():