Remove assertRaisesRegex

assertRaisesRegex is now included in unittest, we no longer need to keep
an internal implementation

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Gregory Thiemonge 2024-04-29 07:28:55 -04:00
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commit db33b6eb52
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@ -19,9 +19,7 @@ from unittest import mock
import fixtures
from oslotest import base
from testtools import compat
from testtools import matchers
from testtools import testcase
from taskflow import exceptions
from taskflow.tests import fixtures as taskflow_fixtures
@ -122,30 +120,6 @@ class TestCase(base.BaseTestCase):
self.assertRaises(exc_class, access_func)
def assertRaisesRegex(self, exc_class, pattern, callable_obj,
*args, **kwargs):
# TODO(harlowja): submit a pull/review request to testtools to add
# this method to there codebase instead of having it exist in ours
# since it really doesn't belong here.
class ReRaiseOtherTypes(object):
def match(self, matchee):
if not issubclass(matchee[0], exc_class):
class CaptureMatchee(object):
def match(self, matchee):
self.matchee = matchee[1]
capture = CaptureMatchee()
matcher = matchers.Raises(matchers.MatchesAll(ReRaiseOtherTypes(),
our_callable = testcase.Nullary(callable_obj, *args, **kwargs)
self.assertThat(our_callable, matcher)
return capture.matchee
def assertGreater(self, first, second):
matcher = matchers.GreaterThan(first)
self.assertThat(second, matcher)