Takashi Kajinami f46a54aa95 Add functional job with redis enabled
Some of the "unit" test cases required actual redis running. This
introduces a separate job with actual redis service enabled so that
we run these tests in CI.

Change-Id: I1ddb580e9e8eb34937acba934520a998d249da3c
2024-04-15 19:43:06 +09:00

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- hosts: all
taskflow_backend_daemon: "{{ tox_environment.PIFPAF_DAEMON }}"
- role: bindep
bindep_profile: "tests-functional-{{ taskflow_backend_daemon }}"
- name: Include OS-specific variables
include_vars: "{{ ansible_os_family }}.yaml"
# NOTE(yoctozepto): Debian and Ubuntu have this nasty policy of starting
# installed services for us. We don't rely on system-wide service and use
# pifpaf. Unfortunately, default port may conflict with system-wide service.
# So, for sanity and resource conservation, let's stop it before tests run.
- name: "Stop backend services"
name: "{{ item }}"
state: stopped
enabled: no
become: yes
loop: "{{ backend_services_map[taskflow_backend_daemon] }}"