Joshua Harlow 264a889df8 Remap the emails of the committers
Some of the emails that the committers are using
aren't really the right target email, so lets remap
the committers commited 'email' into the right email

Change-Id: Ib9346c32b4a967401d0c8cc67379337015d8c4d9
2013-09-17 13:27:27 -07:00

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Anastasia Karpinska <akarpinska@griddynamics.com>
Angus Salkeld <asalkeld@redhat.com>
Changbin Liu <changbl@research.att.com>
Changbin Liu <changbl@research.att.com> <changbin.liu@gmail.com>
Ivan A. Melnikov <imelnikov@griddynamics.com>
Jessica Lucci <jessica.lucci@rackspace.com>
Jessica Lucci <jessica.lucci@rackspace.com> <jessicalucci14@gmail.com>
Joshua Harlow <harlowja@yahoo-inc.com>
Joshua Harlow <harlowja@yahoo-inc.com> <harlowja@gmail.com>
Kevin Chen <kevin.chen@rackspace.com>
Kevin Chen <kevin.chen@rackspace.com> <kevi6362@mj4efudty3.rackspace.corp>
Kevin Chen <kevin.chen@rackspace.com> <kevin.chen.weijie@utexas.edu>