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Matthias Runge 590f33806a Move doc requirements to doc
and update tox to later version

Change-Id: I4c07e622f2285513c86f168c15b375e62b5594ad
2 years ago
Chandan Kumar bc03a059f9 Sync tempest code from ceilometer
* and
  are synced into telemetry-tempest-plugin

Change-Id: I6e099890aa03c9bd9b0039ce1e55a182886193e7
5 years ago
Chandan Kumar b30a19214d Apply cookiecutter to newly split project telemetry-tempest-plugin
This tempest plugin is being split out of the main ceilometer project in
accordance with Queens goal "Split Tempest Plugins into Separate
Repos/Projects"[1]. This patch applies the standard boilerplate files
for OpenStack projects so that it can stand on its own.

It contains tempest tests for Aodh, Gnocchi, Ceilometer and Panko projects.

6 years ago