zuul: Limit tempest-integrated-compute-centos-8-stream to >= stable/wallaby

Full support for CentOS8Stream in devstack didn't land until
I39ccefbd06f46adf5077f8d8001f37d3b190f040 fixed is_fedora to include the
newly introduced name.

As such the recently introduced
tempest-integrated-compute-centos-8-stream job within tempest that forms
part of the integrated-gate-compute template needs to be restricted to
branches >= stable/wallaby.

Closes-Bug: 1950296
Change-Id: I802c0cdb3c8875e33819aed335877f1caef39fef
changes/79/817179/1 29.2.0
Lee Yarwood 1 year ago
parent d27a543fc9
commit ed89c77222

@ -132,6 +132,7 @@
name: tempest-integrated-compute-centos-8-stream
parent: tempest-integrated-compute
nodeset: devstack-single-node-centos-8-stream
branches: ^(?!stable/(ocata|pike|queens|rocky|stein|train|ussuri|victoria)).*$
description: |
This job runs integration tests for compute. This is
subset of 'tempest-full-py3' job and run Nova, Neutron, Cinder (except backup tests)