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Ghanshyam Mann e2183ca8f6 Minimize the tests footprint in multinode job
multinode job run all the tests including multinode and
non multinode tests. But we do not need to run all the
non multinode tests in this job instead smoke tests along
with multinode tests should be enough to run. This make
multinode jobs to run only smoke and multinode tests. For
that, we need to tag the multinode tests with 'multinode' attr.

Relavant-Bug: #2004780
Change-Id: I7e87d1db3ef3a00b3d27f0904d0af6a270e03837
4 months ago
Ghanshyam Mann 61f5733a66 Decentralize the zuul jobs into zuul.d
Current .zuul.yaml file has 36 jobs definition and
it is growing more which makes it hard to read and
error prone.

This commit move the jobs definitions to zuul.d directory to
different yaml files:
- base.yaml includes base jobs definition
- integrated-gate.yaml includes integrated jobs to be
  used in other openstack projects too.
- stable-jobs.yaml includes all stable jobs
- tempest-specific.yaml includes jobs supposed to run on Tempest
  gate only
- project.yaml includes different pipelines (check, gate etc) definition

Change-Id: I984ecee81a9730b663764800f604333f28fd8180
3 years ago