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Matthew Treinish 32d3570c18 Add unittest framework + tests for wrapper scripts
This commit adds a framework for running unittests on tempest to
verify that tempest works as expect. The first tests added are to
verify the response codes of the test runner wrapper scripts we use
on jenkins jobs.

Change-Id: If8e91238054593999e7b5bc34da499bd0ac02311
2013-08-27 11:55:13 -04:00
Sean Dague 1937d09fb0 rename tests -> api
Now that all the other tests are moved out of the tests directory
we can rename tests -> api to reflect that these tests are api
testing, and need to use only the internal clients.

Clean up references from other parts of OpenStack to the new api

Reorder the imports as required with this naming change.

Added README.rst

Change-Id: I19203957f917b59e7c8a3838c590937752461a2f
2013-05-20 17:20:54 -04:00
Jay Pipes 051075a596 Addition of base Smoke and Whitebox tests
* Splits out the "manager" class into its own file (at least
  for now to keep the code change size down initially)
* Adds base manager classes for Fuzz and Default clients
* Adds base test case class and a derived base SmokeTest class
* Adds smoke test for basic server operations in compute
* Adds non-smoke test for advanced server operations in compute
* Adds Whitebox base test case class
* New basic db-checking whitebox tests for servers and images

This change builds upon the proposed refactoring to the Tempest Manager
and base test classes as per

Change-Id: I12125fffb725cad3a4fef3134c83e55437529252
2012-08-03 14:39:05 -04:00
Daryl Walleck ed8bef3a03 Changes the namespace from storm to tempest, as well as adding addition tests and improvements
* Changed namespace from storm to tempest
* Added absolute limits service and server personality file tests
* Optimized run time for image metadata tests
* Added additional assertions for create server and rebuild server tests
* Removed any SSH verification until further decisions are made

Change-Id: I5bebd29be382c9404914c7314302670ae09627fc
2011-12-06 16:48:03 -06:00