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Daniel Mellado cad3f3d834 Revert "Move dscv and ca_certs to config section service_clients"
This was a backwards incompatible change that breaks tempest's stability
guarantee on tempest.config. While the option was marked as deprecated,
oslo.config does not alias deprecations in code. The fact this patch
had to update unit tests was an indication of this. This breaks anyone
who consumes these options via code. We can only land something like
this after we add aliasing to oslo.config for deprecations.

This reverts commit 1afca56b05.

Change-Id: I91600d8fc49db670b0f78ffd0094575fbfa0ca63
2016-08-19 14:20:40 +00:00
zhufl 1afca56b05 Move dscv and ca_certs to config section service_clients
In a new config
section "service_clients" is added which hosts parameters
common to all service clients. ca_certificates_file and
disable_ssl_certificate_validation are also common to all
service clients, so this is to move them from section identity
to section service_clients

Change-Id: I296f1080ce89f0cdceae1c476866b215393b2605
2016-08-08 09:07:45 +08:00
Andrea Frittoli (andreaf) de5fb0cf58 Factor up (most) CONF value in clients.Manager
Factor up CONF dependencies from the client manager class, so
that the part of it independent from CONF and unstable interfaces
can be moved to the manager base class, and be useful to external
consumers (such as plugins).

An helper function is defined in to help extract from
configuration the parameters relevant for service client __init__.
This is used for Tempest own service clients and will be used by
plugins as well.

Partially-implements: bp client-manager-refactor

Change-Id: I19cdcf6f84144f6b1b0223a41a52f5b6e4b8fdd1
2016-07-06 23:54:26 +01:00