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Jordan Pittier 2e7ae7c6e5 Remove the Stress framework
It's not used anymore. There was general consensus in Feb 2016
to deprecate it (see [1]) and remove it in Newton.

[1]  [qa] deprecating Tempest stress framework

Change-Id: Ib229985ea2a1fee495c9492c9ce1781e6bac1dc6
7 years ago
Jenkins 46dba3e456 Merge "Set random name in common function create_server" 7 years ago
Jenkins f09f635a26 Merge "Remove unnecessary name definition" 7 years ago
Jenkins db621cd3b2 Merge "Use Cinder v2 by default in scenario tests" 7 years ago
Jenkins 9d81d5c1df Merge "Fix a typo in" 7 years ago
zhufl 7867a6e294 Set random name in common function create_server
This is to set random name in volume.base.create_server, to avoid
random name definition everytime calling create_server.

Change-Id: I3078339806f2b3f472ce8f6010ae2364aebbf1dc
7 years ago
zhufl 9cae8eccbd Remove unnecessary name definition
There already exists rand name in create function, so the
name definition before the create function is unnecessary.
This is to remove the redundant name definition for code clean.

Change-Id: Icdac63c6ac241f8ba2c65bcff4cafcc2354db4d8
7 years ago
Jenkins aa11f58cec Merge "Move InvalidConfiguration exception to tempest.lib" 7 years ago
Jenkins 0fe3df8089 Merge "Use lib version of data_utils in dynamic creds" 7 years ago
Jenkins c8526432ee Merge "Move cred_provider abstract class to tempest lib" 7 years ago
Jenkins ef3768bc71 Merge "Remove CONF usage from dynamic_creds module" 7 years ago
melissaml ca689db976 Fix a typo in
This patch removes the superfluous 'that'.


Change-Id: I2515eb26dbdff0f0f3a2f465d1c1feb08599ef5c
7 years ago
Jenkins 7ee11ccf5a Merge "Remove one-line function in test_volumes_actions" 7 years ago
Jenkins 6faded6a7b Merge "Move volume service clients under tempest.lib" 7 years ago
Jenkins e045fd5967 Merge "Skip test_volume_backed_live_migration unconditionally" 7 years ago
Jenkins 517b24e804 Merge "Add negative tests for deleting attached volume" 7 years ago
Tianbiao Qi 5bea3b23c4 Remove testscenarios denpendency
Since the commit 482e3ce6ab had
just removed the NegativeAutoTest Framework, which was the only
user of package testscenarios, testscenarios is no longer used by
tempest. This patch suggests to remove testscenarios from the
package denpendency defined file requirments.txt.

Change-Id: Id2d4ab7c54223044551e4684e9ae1eee130f01c0
7 years ago
Jenkins f545e1c848 Merge "Reviewing guideline: ask for CRD when new test+feature flag" 7 years ago
Jenkins 42eacd0800 Merge "Fix a typo in" 7 years ago
Jenkins db3acad95c Merge "Revert an accidental error modification of config item help message" 7 years ago
zhufl 7e75fcb5c1 Remove one-line function in test_volumes_actions
In I526f8940c4f29a93f25f896bc4779a771f4c3eb5, _reset_volume_status's
return value is removed and so it becomes a one-line function. Jordan
Pittier points out that "It's better to directly use
admin_volume_client.reset_volume_status() in tests instead of
calling an alias.", so this is to remove the one-line function to
keep code clean.

Change-Id: I89bb06c15a4f2ac9b55f1ee5437f92eb885f05ca
7 years ago
melissaml d13d1e85e7 Fix a typo in
Removed redundant 'is'.


Change-Id: Icb2781a6cc6a59562c808b7f0e1ae1afa19016e4
7 years ago
lkuchlan f53947e7ca Move volume service clients under tempest.lib
Tempest provides a stable library interface and I think we can use it
for volume clients.

Partially implements blueprint consistent-service-method-names

Change-Id: Ia2d87360a6d88e5f54ecd00efbf6730b06484c99
7 years ago
Matt Riedemann ea8796a093 Skip test_volume_backed_live_migration unconditionally
The volume-backed live migration with iscsi has been failing
on ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 in the gate for as long as it's
been tested. The current theory is there is a kernel issue
with qemu and iscsi and no one is really working on a fix, e.g.
testing qemu-native iscsi to see if that makes a difference.

The dedicated live-migration job has already been skipping this
since 2f68cd3e9f47ca5bb864c26c1b0b123918197ef4 and that stabilized
the job so now it's voting on nova changes.

The only reason the gate-tempest-dsvm-multinode* jobs are non-voting
is because of this test, so let's skip it for now. We might be
able to enable it with a different backing volume store like
ceph eventually but that's another work in progress.

Change-Id: Ibf067d15968f4f1fcf2deb8b6359a7e7ea7eb46e
Related-Bug: #1524898
7 years ago
Jenkins 65178d1619 Merge "Improve error reporting when workspace not registered" 7 years ago
zhufl 0bad33e4a8 Revert an accidental error modification of config item help message
The help message of config.compute.fixed_network_name is changed in
Ied68c0326cf891a4e6eb3db51dc5f43241e4b8d2 accidiently which is unwanted,
so this is to revert it.
Besides, this is to remove some unwanted words.

Change-Id: Ia4979772faf33d90f9544c510f4c421c4fa0097f
7 years ago
Jenkins 970a87b985 Merge "Stop using subprocess for testr init in tempest init" 7 years ago
Jenkins 0d370ef7ef Merge "Fix wording for python3.4 section in the readme" 7 years ago
Jenkins 1e1f819d75 Merge "Use common func create_volume in test_volumes_actions" 7 years ago
Jenkins 5bcb9e72dc Merge "test_images_oneserver - use the addCleanup mechanism" 7 years ago
Jenkins 0e417bbb8d Merge "Fix assert for public networks with multiple subnets" 7 years ago
Jenkins a0afc533bc Merge "Remove unnecessary name definition" 7 years ago
Jenkins 0cb0f9bc48 Merge "Remove the NegativeAutoTest Framework" 7 years ago
Jenkins 668eed2fca Merge "Correct 'list index out of range' error in dhcp agent test" 7 years ago
Jenkins 9f9180c54b Merge "Correct 'list index out of range' in FloatingIPDetailsTestJSON" 7 years ago
Jenkins dbe2a59947 Merge "Deprecate nova api extensions config option" 7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 5078e8b87d
Deprecate nova api extensions config option
Now that the nova extensions mechanism is deprecated and api extensions
aren't really a thing anymore we should deprecate the corresponding
mechanism in tempest. Moving forward there really isn't anything to set
here because microversions are the api selection mechanism and the
"extension list" is fixed. We can remove this option when no supported
nova release contains extensions anymore.

Change-Id: I1286294b1b61aebf53437b37f6c141bc4c587b1f
7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 315aa21943
Fix wording for python3.4 section in the readme
The python 3.4 section in the readme was a bit dated since we now also
test on python 3.5. This commit attempts to update the wording to
explain that it's python >=3.4 not just 3.4.

Change-Id: I32ebe4c278b1d5e25cd87ca03f7de1a265334610
7 years ago
Jenkins 4ed7b86677 Merge "Enable release notes translation" 7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 219796218a
Stop using subprocess for testr init in tempest init
This commit switches the call to testr init from using subprocess to
testr's python run_argv interface. (which is essentially just calling
it via subprocess) The issue with using subprocess directly is that it
assumes testr is in the PATH you're running from. But, in the case of
using a venv this isn't always the case.

Change-Id: I2bab70b0e9fb2ccdc340f48d95340ff7ccdc1364
Closes-Bug: #1633182
7 years ago
Brant Knudson 6a090f4896 Improve error reporting when workspace not registered
When the user ran

 tempest run --workspace <whatever>

and the workspace wasn't in .tempest/workspace.yaml the eror message
reported was

 CRITICAL tempest [-] TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found.

Rather than report this error, a message is printed saying that the
workspace isn't registered.

Change-Id: Ic539ee2fab83401904fcaec2c3fbf1cd41e4a6e3
7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 4217a703c9
Move InvalidConfiguration exception to tempest.lib
This commit migrates the InvalidConfiguartion exception from tempest's
exceptions into the list of tempest lib exceptions. While tempest lib
itself does not have any configuration, it is very possible that
external test suites would also like a way to raise an exception when
part of the configuration is invalid. This is also needed as part of
the migration of the dynamic credentials provider to tempest lib.

Change-Id: I9ec697c61cfb1f5750d82ae790c607029bfed3ca
7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 0650aedecc
Use lib version of data_utils in dynamic creds
As part of the pending library migration for the dynamic credentials
module we need to remove all dependencies on non-lib code. As part of
this effort, this patch changes all usages of tempest's lib data_utils
wrapper to just use the lib version directly. The tempest wrapper only
sets a common prefix for rand_name, so this switches all uses of
rand_name to do the same.

Change-Id: I231c4522501249b9d6854f6378e75a0f130aea1c
7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 00ab6be2a7
Move cred_provider abstract class to tempest lib
This commit migrates the cred provider abstract class into tempest lib.
This interface has been very stable and doesn't have any external
dependencies as it's just a building block for a cred provider class.
This also doesn't have any unit tests because it's just an interface
definition and doesn't actually do any work.

Change-Id: Ib5f8ef2728368c077666a3ca221cf659412e5f47
7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 75abbcf11f
Remove CONF usage from dynamic_creds module
This commit removes all the config file usage from the dynamic creds
module in preparation for a library migration. All CONF parameters are
now class parameters and are set outside of dynamic_creds.

Change-Id: Iafa85d44ccdf13e277f50c3b18adc3b54d092d16
7 years ago
Jenkins 93e6a03700 Merge " raise BackupException defined in tempest/lib" 7 years ago
Jordan Pittier 482e3ce6ab Remove the NegativeAutoTest Framework
Since it's not really used and a bit complex. It was only used
for negative compute flavor tests, and I think we can live easily
without these tests.

Change-Id: Iab676ae9bf95ee858c5e748c9579f7778e87bd77
7 years ago
Xinli Guan ceb2b4684d raise BackupException defined in tempest/lib
This patch is to fix the issue which described in the bug #1632410

A timeout is being raised on a volume backup test scenario
which could be that because the volume backup is slow or
we tripped a cinder bug. The real issue is that wait loop
for backups in tempest is referencing a non-existent exception class,

Change-Id: I2d74afc29cd52da7f3642bf56ea896c92cfccdca
Closes-bug: #1632410
7 years ago
Jenkins 52225ece39 Merge "Fallback to creds provider for fixed IP network if no network_for_ssh" 7 years ago
Jenkins 80d8641847 Merge "Fix docstrings in Tempest REST client for Ironic" 7 years ago