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12128 Commits (73268fb6b3cd8b3f06401e2c85c94cb468f9dd1e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lpiwowar bd722d366e Set default value of --concurrency to 2 9 months ago
Rajat Dhasmana 81c91f0ec2 Fix: Schema validation of volume list detail 9 months ago
Alex Yefimov 09428b8780 Add --libpath argv option to fix unittest failure 9 months ago
James Parker ef0da21010 Add flavor extra spec validation tests 10 months ago
linanbj 226a123352 Modify the response example in test_subnetpools_client 10 months ago
linanbj bb1d5d04d2 add the test of router test client 10 months ago
Ghanshyam Mann 18b45d7285 Moving API microversion fixture in resource_setup 10 months ago
Ghanshyam Mann 24554b0e10 Deprecate the old API microversion fixture 10 months ago
Artom Lifshitz b0ee03e568 Don't override images client in compute admin tests 10 months ago
Takashi Kajinami bbe4f8c305 Replace deprecated assertDictContainsSubset 10 months ago
Brian Rosmaita 06bf0186b6 Revert "Skip 3.19 test_reset_group_snapshot_status" 10 months ago
Balazs Gibizer f294b0d8dc Test Network QoS minimum packet rate scenarios 10 months ago
Soniya Vyas c08dfd2014 This patch creates the network v2.0 floating-ips-port-forwarding client. 10 months ago
Mitya_Eremeev aca819b796 Take domain_id from config in some tests. 10 months ago
Sam Wan 0bacf98431 Change extra_size from hardcoded 1 to CONF.volume.volume_size_extend 11 months ago
wangzhiguang a27e6b41a8 add delete group type testcase 11 months ago
Balazs Gibizer 55414580c2 Remove race from wait_for_interface_detach waiter 11 months ago
Balazs Gibizer f46bcdf5e4 Add microversion schemas for os-instance-actions 11 months ago
Balazs Gibizer efa21d3bb9 Add QoS minimum packet rate rule client 11 months ago
Balazs Gibizer bc0257c8fc Refactor existing QoS min bw tests 11 months ago
Balazs Gibizer 18accdeb7e Consolidate client usage in MinBwAllocationPlacementTest 11 months ago
Balazs Gibizer 20514ef504 Prepare MinBwAllocationPlacementTest for new neutron API ext 11 months ago
bonguardo 92ca258fad Adding Bandwidth Limit QoS rule client to Manager 11 months ago
Sophie Huang d458bf3297 Use lib.commom.api_microversion_fixture to set volume, compute API microversion in volume API testing 12 months ago
Artom Lifshitz 8a959ead1e Add floating IP waiter 12 months ago
Martin Kopec a47c8afc0e Get rid of jsonschema.compat usage 12 months ago
Christian Schwede 663f4a1f26 Improve cleanup after Swift testing 12 months ago
Martin Kopec a7bcabc897 Mark unstable test_create_object_with_transfer_encoding 12 months ago
Christian Schwede 3628631fb0 Fix IPv6 localhost replacement in Swift container sync test 1 year ago
likangkang01 1890743bcb Test delete security group will clear its associated rules 1 year ago
Balazs Gibizer a5f523b20a Revert "Skip test_qos_min_bw_allocation_basic when not supported" 1 year ago
Martin Kopec a54417270b Skip snaphost tests unless snapshot feature is enabled 1 year ago
Martin Kopec ea3e38c2af Fix test_fix_argument_yes 1 year ago
Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 17655434ee [OVN] Remove OVN metadata ports from network port list 1 year ago
Chris Wedgwood 5f1dec0760 object_storage: retry object creation on Conflict 1 year ago
likangkang01 b87ef29b86 Fix unused parameters in _create_subnet method 1 year ago
wangzhiguang e6e95c6d70 create volume type with repeated name 1 year ago
zahlabut ad2c3009ae Expected success status for "QoS rule update APIs" is "200 OK" 1 year ago
wangzhiguang 92d48d9482 test update volume type extra specs for non existent volume type 1 year ago
zahlabut e0a03a92da Fix for QoS APIs: "Update" and "List" URLs 1 year ago
zahlabut ca3e513565 Add missing tempest client for "QoS Limit Bandwidth" APIs + testing 1 year ago
wangzhiguang 3d76ddb90f create volume type encryption nonexistent type id 1 year ago
Artom Lifshitz ea2b59ce61 Add reboot_server() helper 1 year ago
lpiwowar 10a649b098 Fix cleanup of default security group when preprov creds are used 1 year ago
Martin Kopec e74445bac9 Fix test_fix_argument_yes by closing temp files 1 year ago
Soniya Vyas 5a3de3e498 Add loggable resource client 1 year ago
Luigi Toscano be427bf02c Always enable project tags Identity tests 1 year ago
Luigi Toscano 18a10b14a4 Always enable application credentials Identity tests 1 year ago
Roman Popelka ba62b11a21 Fixes test_user_update_own_password test cleanup problem (New password cannnot be identical to a previous password) 1 year ago
Lee Yarwood 1bd6059454 compute: Rework attach_volume waiters and cleanup 1 year ago