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James Parker ef0da21010 Add flavor extra spec validation tests 12 months ago
Ghanshyam Mann 18b45d7285 Moving API microversion fixture in resource_setup 12 months ago
Ghanshyam Mann 24554b0e10 Deprecate the old API microversion fixture 12 months ago
Artom Lifshitz b0ee03e568 Don't override images client in compute admin tests 1 year ago
Takashi Kajinami bbe4f8c305 Replace deprecated assertDictContainsSubset 1 year ago
Brian Rosmaita 06bf0186b6 Revert "Skip 3.19 test_reset_group_snapshot_status" 1 year ago
Soniya Vyas c08dfd2014 This patch creates the network v2.0 floating-ips-port-forwarding client. 1 year ago
Mitya_Eremeev aca819b796 Take domain_id from config in some tests. 1 year ago
Sam Wan 0bacf98431 Change extra_size from hardcoded 1 to CONF.volume.volume_size_extend 1 year ago
wangzhiguang a27e6b41a8 add delete group type testcase 1 year ago
Balazs Gibizer 55414580c2 Remove race from wait_for_interface_detach waiter 1 year ago
Sophie Huang d458bf3297 Use lib.commom.api_microversion_fixture to set volume, compute API microversion in volume API testing 1 year ago
Christian Schwede 663f4a1f26 Improve cleanup after Swift testing 1 year ago
Martin Kopec a7bcabc897 Mark unstable test_create_object_with_transfer_encoding 1 year ago
Christian Schwede 3628631fb0 Fix IPv6 localhost replacement in Swift container sync test 1 year ago
likangkang01 1890743bcb Test delete security group will clear its associated rules 1 year ago
Martin Kopec a54417270b Skip snaphost tests unless snapshot feature is enabled 1 year ago
Chris Wedgwood 5f1dec0760 object_storage: retry object creation on Conflict 1 year ago
likangkang01 b87ef29b86 Fix unused parameters in _create_subnet method 1 year ago
wangzhiguang e6e95c6d70 create volume type with repeated name 1 year ago
wangzhiguang 92d48d9482 test update volume type extra specs for non existent volume type 1 year ago
wangzhiguang 3d76ddb90f create volume type encryption nonexistent type id 1 year ago
Artom Lifshitz ea2b59ce61 Add reboot_server() helper 1 year ago
lpiwowar 10a649b098 Fix cleanup of default security group when preprov creds are used 1 year ago
Soniya Vyas 5a3de3e498 Add loggable resource client 1 year ago
Roman Popelka ba62b11a21 Fixes test_user_update_own_password test cleanup problem (New password cannnot be identical to a previous password) 1 year ago
Lee Yarwood 1bd6059454 compute: Rework attach_volume waiters and cleanup 1 year ago
Huy Tran 3c7159d2e3 Changes to ensure delete_containers is done at class level tear down 1 year ago
Pavan Kesava Rao deff57e2ba Add test to verify FQDN hostname sanitization 1 year ago
lpiwowar 619e0f4161 Fix test_network_quota_exceeding test 1 year ago
Soniya Vyas 065715df55 Add log resource client 1 year ago
Martin Kopec 37c4bd3023 Add volume_size_extend opt for volume tests 1 year ago
Felix Huettner d05536b958 Reactivate image before deletion 1 year ago
Sophie Huang dba4c9dedb Use volume_type option in tempest.conf in compute api test 1 year ago
Slawek Kaplonski 1c8fe320f6 Remove "active" attribute from the allowed_address_pairs 1 year ago
Brian Rosmaita cafd2d1656 Add tests for "new" Transfers API (mv 3.55) 2 years ago
Brian Rosmaita 41a7ae9edd Update encryption-type-create 2 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann b15b58e964 Add wait to check the import task status 2 years ago
elajkat 5c1068488e Add waiter for test_live_migration_with_trunk 2 years ago
songwenping e662307b81 Remove usage of six 2 years ago
songwenping a6ee2d1912 Remove usage of six 2 years ago
elajkat 0b14db2a4c Add live migration with trunk test 2 years ago
ricolin 9d2effc506 Skip ide and ephmoral storage on aarch64 2 years ago
Sampat Ponnaganti ef55216ca1 Cleans up volume backups after test run. 2 years ago
songwenping c7845314f5 Remove unicode from code 2 years ago
Rao Adnan Khan ac1aaf6624 Add client for assisted volume snapshots API. 2 years ago
Dan Smith 10e5e194ac Make image metadef tests admin-only 2 years ago
Dan Smith 7bde7bf537 Add image task validation 2 years ago
Lee Yarwood 56a446d53f compute: Add [compute-feature-enabled]ide_bus flag 2 years ago
Dan Smith 8552ac7d41 Negative test for web-download import 2 years ago