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Ghanshyam Mann da3bb61f1f Add index page for plugins documents
Now we have more documents for plugins on stable release,
support and their testing policy. Let's prepare a
index page for it will be easy for plugins maintainer.

Also renaming the stable support policy section to have a clear

Adding redirect links for moved documents.

Change-Id: I17a9a6e0e88605a0ee5047678d6ed168c31396ec
3 years ago
Soniya Vyas e656829712 Added instructions about general IDE's in gitignore
.gitignore file was missing a very general and easy
to forget instruction about general IDE's
contributors(new) use for developing code.

This instruction would be clear idea to add there
respective IDE's generated files to local git
configuration file so that they could be locally

Change-Id: I6a7dc7fc6a535fe583e9db5878fc496232a69247
Signed-off-by: Soniya Vyas <>
4 years ago
Masayuki Igawa a0c484632d
Add etc/*.conf files to .gitignore
This commit makes etc/*.conf files be ignored from git repo. We don't
need to track user configuration files not only tempest.conf but also
the others such as custom-tempest.conf.

Change-Id: I46b3828426a37291205812bf377e7eeece9b7e0b
5 years ago
Masayuki Igawa d0b8ebd84a
Switch to use stestr for unit tests directly
This commit switches to use stestr command to run unit tests directly.
Recently, the latest ostestr command uses stestr instead of testr.
However, we should use stestr directly because it's simple and straight
forward. There is no reason to use ostestr for unit tests anymore.

We still have the other ostestr/testr usage such as tempest run command
and documentations. So, that will be changed with following patches.

Change-Id: Iff4abef50178bdc83b868eed4a906e22d790762b
6 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 529740f487
Add accounts.yaml to .gitignore
This commit adds accounts.yaml to .gitignore. We don't need to track a
user specific file.

Change-Id: Id9c053bcd4bde3627506ee60853d11669ffcda34
7 years ago
Jenkins e6915250fe Merge "Add __pycache__ to .gitignore" 7 years ago
Matthew Treinish fc46326854
Add plugin registry generation to sphinx build
This commit adds running the plugin registry generation script to the
sphinx build. This ensure that every time we build the docs we'll have
an up-to-date plugin registry. This comes at the cost of increased
build time since the script will query openstack's git server to get
the plugin list. Also, the plugin-registry source file was added to
.gitignore since it is autogenerated now.

Change-Id: Ib26124c5d5d5ef4617e4e702e594ce7f1795ce23
7 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 01cce04c2e Add __pycache__ to .gitignore
This commit adds __pycache__ to .gitignore. __pycache__ directories are
made by python 3 execution and we check un-ignored files after the tests
in the gate jobs. And a lot of __pycache__ directories are listed in the
logs. However, it is expected directories so it should be ignored.

Change-Id: I4cfd3475dd2fe1e5b586a28296983a3914236d70
7 years ago
Andrea Frittoli (andreaf) 897ecfb602 Add reno to tempest
Tempest is going to be on pypi and expose a stable interface in
the tempest.lib namespace, so adding reno to it.

Partially-implements: bp tempest-lib-reintegration
Change-Id: Ice4c27f7bc6d0154cfced9789f3c82236106a9e3
7 years ago
Timofey Durakov 678ea6a8ae Updated .gitignore to work with ide
added to gitignore:

Change-Id: I002a94e25d6ab86eb334b30a7d889d4f338d7764
7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 1719dfeb69 Use the oslo.config sphinx module to generate sample
This commit switches to using the oslo.config sphinx extension to
generate a sample config instead of doing it manually in the docs' module.

Change-Id: I7032cb4f56c728911ffa5c6911eb504f53bc80af
8 years ago
Matthew Treinish c8a39b488b
Stop gating on sample generation check
This removes the check on in tree sample generation to ensure the file
matches the config options. However, to counter the loss of the in-tree
the tempest init command will now automatically generate a new sample
config in the local etc dir when run. This will include all of the oslo
options that were previously included in the in-tree sample file.
Additionally, the docs now contain the complete text of the generated
sample output. These also get published on on each
commit to tempest. Between this 2 alternatives there shouldn't be a need
to keep the file in tree anymore, especially given the weekly headaches
with new oslo releases changing the config option help breaking the job.

Change-Id: Ie3bc368329d240ca9604cc2f9b2cac544b3ee715
Depends-On: I4064a041a965ed2419b68efc8dc31fce37b24cfd
8 years ago
Mathew Odden b389faa22f Include sample configuration in dev docs
Since including the sample configuration in tree is
becoming difficult to maintain, lets try moving it to
the developer docs. We still have the ability to view it
easily for users, and it can be auto-generated on doc build,
so it should also always be up to date.

Change-Id: I7ec2d76448feef5ecb9af7c238bbd12619fa31d8
8 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 3bb58e60fb Introduce .coveragerc
We don't need the result of tempest/tests/* and tempest/openstack/*
coverage. This commit omits it with introducing .coveragerc.

Partially implements bp unit-tests

Change-Id: I0465d916e195e3d340dece24ac7b01a0fc13e5c1
9 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 70151e1cb6 Ignore .coverage* files
When a coverage command aborts, some temporary files related to the
coverage remain like this:
We should not manage these files in the git repository.

Partially implements bp unit-tests

Change-Id: Ifa5aaa526b27473c5e5220a5be4a910603676e60
9 years ago
Masayuki Igawa bed597363a Add ignore files related to coverage to .gitignore
.coverage and cover are generated by tox's cover task. So we should
ignore them.

Change-Id: Ica14d566fcd7bd31fea87471178db882add7813a
9 years ago
Steve Baker 605dfd35c8 Ignore .testrepository/
Change-Id: Ib160fdc5af690e0c8faec9fa2489a04a8ae7010a
10 years ago
Pavel Sedlák efc1d75248 Exclude etc/logging.conf from versioning
Change-Id: I714b65a647d2f39057bcc664bce606373935dfe9
10 years ago
Matthew Treinish 2e309e6fc1 Update gitignore because of oslo
Change I6ed3a97e35ce73b820f7a436214480051ed6528f started using in oslo. This adds support for auto generating the AUTHORS
and ChangeLog files.

This adds these files to gitignore and adds a .mailmap to cleanup the file.

Fixes bug 979958.

Change-Id: If61920c81499c5e579d3c1e7a66f8bf02020dfa9
11 years ago
Matthew Treinish 8e937d7023 Fix use of venv in Tempest.
Currently when running Tempest tests with a venv
isn't being used. This leaves tempest at the mercy of whatever
required package versions are installed on the system.

This patch takes and from nova and
integrates them into run_tests to ensure that the correct
dependencies versions from pip-requires and test-requires are
being used.

Change-Id: I4bf4a02890a33c4034e4493d1763ed4019fdf46e
11 years ago
Attila Fazekas 5abb253c3c Start making similar to other OpenStack Projects
* Try /etc/tempest DIR if the config file not found
* Exit immediately if the config file not found
* Remove pika from dependencies
* tempest named starter script (pep8 removed

Change-Id: I1f0b1fb061a265c5f8e39627efd26decdc61ef63
11 years ago
Attila Fazekas a23f500725 Add start of the EC2/S3 API testing to tempest
Continues the effort of the

* add EC2 keypair and volume tests
* add EC2 snapshot from volume test
* add EC2 floating ip disasscioation
* add EC2 operation on security group
* add EC2/S3 image registration
* add EC2 instance run test
* add Integration test with ssh, console, volume
* add S3 object and bucket tests

Change-Id: I0dff9b05f215b56456272f22aa1c014cd53b4f4b
11 years ago
David Kranz 1301f8d026 Remove kong. Fixes bug 1052511.
Change-Id: I5e027c9539fd2c594d24447866e79c8caad9aa40
11 years ago
Brian Waldon e7d48b4075 Add .tox to .gitignore
Change-Id: I6c6be72557bd10e2e93b7bd8da6601b198419dca
11 years ago
Maru Newby 83982cd629 Add *.egg-info to .gitignore
* Cleans up git status when using ' develop'

Change-Id: I270a0e7d299ff96485f7d501a0fb39a311785b5d
11 years ago
Jay Pipes 7f75763f54 Fixes LP Bug#899383 - Cleanup config file search
Cleans up a bunch of configuration-related errors
when trying to run tempest out of the box with a
simple call to:

$> nosetests storm

* Raises a sensible error if the config file cannot be found
* Makes it possible to set the config file directory and
  config file name via environment variables
* Removes unnecessary calls to create storm.config.StormConfig()
  and share a configuration object by passing the openstack.Manager's
  config object with the various rest client objects
* Updates the README to show how to make a config file and run
  the tests in tempest

Change-Id: I60e33595b88df596cc9585bcaf18d37ae77d6f2b
12 years ago
Justin Shepherd 0d9bbd1471 Initial Release 12 years ago