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Chandan Kumar 8a4396e3d3 Switch Tempest CLI commands from testrepository to stestr
This commit switches the Tempest CLI commands to internally use stestr
instead of testrepository. At this point in time the testrepository
project is effectively unmaintained and stestr was a fork started to
have an actively maintained test runner. It also focuses on being a
dedicated python test runner, instead of an abstract test runner
interface for any tests that emit subunit.

Besides the bug fixes and other improvements included with stestr, this
switch provides a number of advantages for tempest. Primarily stestr has
a real python API for invoking the test runner directly from python. This
means we can simplify the wrapper code to simply call a function instead
of building out a set of CLI arguments and passing that to the CLI

Co-Authored-By: Matthew Treinish <>

Depends-On: Ic1fa3a98b6bcd151c489b078028687892655a19b
Depends-On: I3855aad5ce129ec8ccb87c05f7aa709b74070efe
Change-Id: I6f5fa7796c576b71c4a0dde66896974a8039a848
5 years ago
Masayuki Igawa d0b8ebd84a
Switch to use stestr for unit tests directly
This commit switches to use stestr command to run unit tests directly.
Recently, the latest ostestr command uses stestr instead of testr.
However, we should use stestr directly because it's simple and straight
forward. There is no reason to use ostestr for unit tests anymore.

We still have the other ostestr/testr usage such as tempest run command
and documentations. So, that will be changed with following patches.

Change-Id: Iff4abef50178bdc83b868eed4a906e22d790762b
6 years ago