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Balazs Gibizer dfb304355b Introduce @serial test execution decorator
Tempest provides a LockFixture to avoid two potentially interfering
tests to run in parallel. However, this solution does not scale when
we want to separate a set of tests from many other test cases. For
example, host aggregate and availability zone testing needs compute
hosts without any nova servers to be able to test moving computes
between aggregates but a lot of other tests are creating nova
servers. To fully separate these aggregate tests from the rest of
the tempest test cases, this patch proposes a @serial class decorator
to mark a test class to be run totally independently of any other test

Under the hood, the @serial decorator is implemented with a tempest-wide
interprocess read-write lock. The serial test classes always take the
write lock, while the non-serial classes take the read lock. The lock
allows in many readers OR a single writer. So the serial tests are run
independently from the rest.

To minimize the time a serial test blocks other tempest tests run in
parallel, this patch also introduced a serial_tests test directory to
store the serial tests. The current test ordering in a fresh env
uses alphabetical order so the serial tests will run at the end of
the execution not randomly in the middle. The gate uses fresh VMs
for every run so we can rely on this optimization there. In local
envs where tests are re-run, the subsequent runs will be ordered at
runtime by stestr. Therfore, a longer runtime might be observed due to
locking, but the correctness of the test execution is still kept.

Related-Bug: #821732
Change-Id: I0181517edab75f586464a38c4811417f888783b1
5 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 2a5ef1b933 Use LOG.warning instead of deprecated LOG.warn
The LOG.warn method is deprecated[1] and the LOG.warning method should
be used instead.


Change-Id: I43e2269d4b1c425119c86919eb869941d621c6de
1 year ago
Ghanshyam Mann da3bb61f1f Add index page for plugins documents
Now we have more documents for plugins on stable release,
support and their testing policy. Let's prepare a
index page for it will be easy for plugins maintainer.

Also renaming the stable support policy section to have a clear

Adding redirect links for moved documents.

Change-Id: I17a9a6e0e88605a0ee5047678d6ed168c31396ec
3 years ago
Andreas Jaeger f27a334e21 Update hacking for Python3
The repo is Python 3 now, so update hacking to version 3.0 which
supports Python 3.

Fix problems found.

Update local hacking checks for new flake8, remove vi check, it's now in
hacking as H106.

The tempest plugin is used on older branches as well.
We really only need hacking on this repo anyways,
where we no longer support python 2, so here we
make the requirement specific to python 3.

Change-Id: I3f4216f66606fbc450a46c93de306399b7f3cd65
3 years ago
caoyuan 349ba75410 Replace URLs with URLs
Thorough replacement of and URLs
with their counterparts.

Change-Id: I88e894db7b854d32593c770f5aa9b8a91fad7866
4 years ago
Attila Fazekas c07edb5f80 Mention autopep8 in Hacking.rst
The scripts in the tools now is able to distinguish,
the autopep8 error codes better.

Change-Id: I9ea19009118ed418e3666fad45d2e0eb676204c8
4 years ago
Sergey Vilgelm eac094a8cf
docs: Fix incorrect docstrings in reStructuredText format
Several docstrings have incorrect format, what prevents to generate
a documentation using sphinx-apidoc extension.

Change-Id: I66431c7030089173d7635c1e2a72765db21f9780
5 years ago
Zuul 8cdc064f69 Merge "docs: Include information about the list of supported projects" 5 years ago
sunqingliang6 8606c83b4b change http links to https links
Change-Id: I9875b8db497129baebadc8e74cf602ea1c063cbd
5 years ago
Felipe Monteiro f22e6ec651 docs: Include information about the list of supported projects
This documentation is included in HACKING at the top to let
newcomers know that Tempest's testing scope is confined to the
following projects:

* Cinder
* Glance
* Keystone
* Neutron
* Nova
* Swift

The user is directed to [0] for additional Tempest plugin
repos where they can add their tests for other projects. Note
that [0] currently appears to not be rendering correctly,
but this is an unrelated issue.


Change-Id: I800a3f6ac4c347d4322574f649cb052070127db6
5 years ago
zhufl 42bcb55faf Fix docstring example in HACKING
I61ec91ba4a17c6797f1c626c9b09e4fdb381c357 moves scenario
docstring under the relevant test method, but the reference
to that docstring kept unchanged in HACKING.rst. Besides,
this is no longer a good example of "class level docstring",
so we just pick another one for the example.

Change-Id: I313da5627d283ec4771907d83c485db103fa2702
5 years ago
Felipe Monteiro 4d011af928 Hacking checks for negative test cases
This patchset adds 2 hacking checks for making sure negative
tests have correct conventions applied.

* T117: Check that each negative test has the
  ``@decorators.attr(type=['negative'])`` applied

This patch set adds both hacking checks, adds unit tests
and updates HACKING.rst documentation with both new checks.

Closes-Bug: 1781044
Change-Id: I46df351187d22090861150c84fa0a0c1054ae3d6
5 years ago
Felipe Monteiro 46920b8af9 docs: Add HACKING information about test attributes
Tempest uses test attributes [0] in many places for different
reasons, but there is no documentation to explain why.
For example, Tempest uses these attributes to customize
Zuul jobs to selectively run only slow scenario tests. Tempest
also has a tox entrypoint for just running smoke tests.

Further, there is no documentation explaining:

* what is a smoke test
* what is a negative test
* what is a slow test

And more importantly: When should each attribute be applied?

So this information is not just useful for beginners (helping
them understand the different types of testing and what they
mean) but also for users who would like to understand how to
correctly apply attributes to new tests in either Tempest
or Tempest plugins.


Change-Id: I7be0bebaab56a418616bea01e90a437b23499234
5 years ago
ghanshyam 247841ecf6 Move Stable branch Policy Doc outside of coding guide
Current doc explaining the stable branches support policy is under
coding guide. But support policy should be at higher level which
can be useful for user or maintainer of Tempest.

Change-Id: Id46e14080559062b4d89e5f7a9acbcd5df09691e
5 years ago
Matthew Treinish 210f18464d Document branch support policy for extended maint branches
This commit adds a note to the documentation to clarify which branches
tempest will support under the new extended maintenance stable branch
policy. The previous policy of supporting all active branches will not
scale under the new policy as we do not have enough resources to gate
all propsed changes against more than 3 stable branches at a time. With
the addition of this to the documentation we'll clearly define what
branches are in scope for testing of tempest and how/when we should
handle dropping support for a branch.

Change-Id: Ide6dc56b8d37daf6fb26d6a2f20dbf61f06c0998
5 years ago
Felipe Monteiro 356f0593ff Docs: Elaborate on feature flag in HACKING file
This is to elaborate on feature flag functionality in Tempest's
HACKING.rst. Currently, there isn't much documentation on feature
flags in Tempest or how to add them. The only place feature
flag is mentioned is in this file. Since testtools.skip(Unless|If)
is a common way of using a feature flag, it is mentioned. Also,
Tempest's interaction with DevStack is an important thing to mention
when explaining how to introduce a new feature flag.

Change-Id: Ia47132fa596918e58f21ba9810c2c28ddcf0d584
5 years ago
gaofei 6ec582f111 Replace curly quotes with straight quotes
Curly quotes usually input from Chinese input method.
When read from english context, it makes some confusion.

Change-Id: I6209f92de2a5b136c2c16decfe5752f5c44096ff
5 years ago
Masayuki Igawa bbbaad68c3
Fix docs markup consistency
This commit fixes docs consistency about markups, mainly. Originally,
some of command options were written with strong emphasis. However,
double dashes are converted to a single dash with it. And this commit
also fixes some inconsistencies and weird indentations.

Change-Id: Iff1e8e320dcb1fa69ca0fce139c58727fca7b729
6 years ago
Masayuki Igawa b78b923e5a Fix indentation in docs
This commit fixes indentation in tempest docs. These indentations are
not necessary and it causes a weird html outputs.

Change-Id: I9c8714558a3327b7ad0b0ab0d3fdc7e770c3c75b
6 years ago
davyyy ac670dce6d Update URL from "http" to "https"
Most of them can still be visited through http, but the following
one is necessary to update, so I change them all by this chance.

 $ git clone

Change-Id: I2b4da0670b599666e7151bddfff0fa6655640bc4
6 years ago
mmkmmk57 ce3bb9ba1f Fix the 'service' decorator path in doc
Documentation update.

Change-Id: I3bca9de9a2e3fbc12647a1c55be0efc4434df2c0
6 years ago
Jenkins 43afce6b8c Merge "Make resource_cleanup stable" 6 years ago
Andrea Frittoli 3be574898c Make resource_cleanup stable
Add docstrings, unit tests and an helper for class resource
cleanup. Check super's resource_cleanup is invoked when
overriden to ensure the cleanup stack is processed.

Change-Id: I9c89ba4efd715634dde6b1182c2025ddf9c2f7d2
6 years ago
junboli 477fd02fb8 doc migration: update the doc link address
In the file HACKING.rst and README.rst, there still left
some bad link. This change is to fix the doc link brought
by the doc migration.

Change-Id: I7a60a5821c199afb75a47ef24412470c16991d77
6 years ago
Andrea Frittoli cd36841ca2 Move test decorators to common
services and extension decorators are based on CONF and needed by
Tempest only, so moving them to tempest.common.
Since a few plugnis use them today, use debtcollector to avoid
breaking all dependencies.

Change-Id: Ibd52153d00b8e60fb8c89e38d94e358ddc787251
6 years ago
junboli bc2ae8629c Unsupported 'message' Exception attribute in PY3
* Fix unsupported 'message' Exception attribute in PY3
   The 'message' attribute has been deprecated and removed from Python3.
   Use six.text_type(e) instead of e.message. For more details, please check [1]:
 * Add hacking to prevent this from happening in the future.

Change-Id: Id40000c2c453815b04a7d2fd765e19997291d8e3
6 years ago
Jenkins c7a403debd Merge "Doc: fix markups, capitalization and add 2 REVIEWING advices" 6 years ago
chenxing e98720a22f Update the documention for doc migration
Change-Id: Ie6d322d1b9c93118af7c74986993010b9f4b76b2
6 years ago
Jordan Pittier 74a56aba03 Doc: fix markups, capitalization and add 2 REVIEWING advices
I've been reading our entire documentation to see where it could
be improved. It's guide good actually. While reading I've fixed
some typos, added some capitalization to project names, mostly
trivial stuff.

What's worth reviewing is the 2 paragraphs I added to the REVIEWING

Change-Id: I977de335119f4ff7b9aedcfbed31c264ed531ea8
6 years ago
Jenkins 345dc6cda4 Merge "Add T115 for admin test path" 6 years ago
jeremy.zhang c0f9556c7a Use data_utils in tempest.lib.common.utils
Tempest tests should use the stable method defined in tempest.lib.
This patch is to use data_utils from tempest.lib.common.utils in
OAUTHConsumersV3Test and HACKING.rst.

Change-Id: Ia9f4cf37d8d57da34864a5eb55a8fe9d9c5722f5
6 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi f741d0b35a Add T115 for admin test path
Sometimes commiters tried to add tempest tests which require admin
credential under non-admin test path and that caused confusions to
tempest users. This patch adds some coding rule to make test path
clear for the maintenance.

NOTE: This patch adds #noqa to AbsoluteLimitsTests because the test
      class needs force_tenant_isolation which requires admin
      credential indirectly but the test itself is not admin test.
      The history is Id71a705cf9b1dd0c0d41a2fb45ab77c95430a123

Change-Id: Id11eec13f2e431af8bbb83ac4904b2047e7932a7
6 years ago
Hai Shi 6f52fc599a [DOC] Fix details of tox
We need put a space between a param's name and a param's value in tox
and it would be more clear.
eg: from `tox -epy35` to `tox -e py35`.

Change-Id: I86750f42669bb02dcfac2b62e294d557bf44bd4c
6 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 5a3ad34fe5
Change API-WG guideline link to specs.o.o
This commit changes API-WG guideline link to instead
of We should use links as possible.

Change-Id: Id0265bd6136a0c6f4adedf5c3aef34d34bbc933e
6 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi 8a08211b4b Drop allowing old test.idempotent_id
test.idempotent_id should not be allowed anymore on the check
to block containing such wrong usage into tempest anymore.

Change-Id: Ie45b5d4a28b645ad5145ac37decf70f2f08d4229
6 years ago
Jordan Pittier 2e7ae7c6e5 Remove the Stress framework
It's not used anymore. There was general consensus in Feb 2016
to deprecate it (see [1]) and remove it in Newton.

[1]  [qa] deprecating Tempest stress framework

Change-Id: Ib229985ea2a1fee495c9492c9ce1781e6bac1dc6
7 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi 8db407576b Clarify the guideline of negative tests
We have discussed negative tests at OpenStack Summit Austin before

The conclusion is
* Keep the existing negative tests
  Tempest should not cover all negative test cases as integration tests.
  Such tests should be covered with function tests in each projects.
  Function tests are implemented in Nova, [Ceilometer -> Gabbi], Barbican
  36 negative tests are used in Refstack as required tests and they are valuable

So we need some guideline about negative tests for our future, and this
patch adds it.

Change-Id: I2ac1a4cf91c9357caca2d490e6bc15699b7f3dad
7 years ago
Chris Hoge 2b47841c4d Add guidance on negative tests in HACKING.rst
Adds guidance on negative tests based on work items from the Newton
design summit in Austin[1].


Change-Id: Ic44b0e17540a5e984006a4a74c8318ad7e74db31
7 years ago
Jenkins 55fd59831c Merge "Add hacking rule to enfore no config in tempest.lib" 7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 59d9eaabdd
Add hacking rule to enfore no config in tempest.lib
This commit adds a hacking rule to enforce that we never add a config
dependency on tempest/lib. Right now we're completely dependent on
reviewers catching this, it is a strong rule so we should ensure we
can't ever land a change that does this.

Change-Id: I1ab1ba52573c6706a50abcd021759c93dd19aa44
7 years ago
Masayuki Igawa e63cf0fedf Fix docs errors and warnings
This commit fixes docs errors and warnings. However, 'WARNING: nonlocal
image URI found' is still remaining because it needs an ugly workaround
that is replacing it to raw html.

Change-Id: I4524c1ff4126c87979301d0fb8ac7c9eb6f2f708
7 years ago
Franklin Naval e8896de357 Docs: Fix Hacking guide bulleting
* fix list formatting of fixtures section

Change-Id: I9b2c11c59c34cae0086e2af507aa85313b8480bc
Closes-Bug: #1582350
7 years ago
Jenkins 43d742dd6d Merge "Remove negative test framework documentation" 7 years ago
Andrea Frittoli (andreaf) 1370bafda0 Remove few refercences left to tempest-lib
A few places in docs / comments still refer to tempest-lib.
Cleaning those up.

Change-Id: I6a15a6e7e58a49a39b3955c60e16d0c196ec154c
7 years ago
Luz Cazares e28c18f656 Remove negative test framework documentation
We have a conclusion to remove the description of negative test
framework during Austin summit, details at:

Change-Id: Ia3d36b8d1c8e9721b88dbc35bc350af822b8dc6f
7 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi d079c8925d Add pep8 check to use data_utils.rand_uuid()
There is a common method for generating random uuid value.
So it is nice to avoid pointing it out on human review to reduce
reviewing workload.
In addition, this patch removes str() around the method calls
because str() is called in the method.

Change-Id: Ic8caea352d27c479fdb765a699d277b59f1c5bb4
7 years ago
Sean Dague ed6e586b9f deprecate use of tenant in configs
OpenStack has settled (a very long time ago) on project to represent
the container which has users. We should make tempest configs always
use project versions of these names. This deprecates the old tenant
versions of these names, and makes project version the prefered

Change-Id: Ied68c0326cf891a4e6eb3db51dc5f43241e4b8d2
7 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi 0dc9747519 Add pep8 check for tempest.lib import
tempest.lib should not import local tempest code to avoid circular dependency,
so this patch adds pep8 check to block such kind of code.

Change-Id: I392d28b3195040a800d96171ef275c6e73f9fef4
7 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi 4f525f7cca Add T111 history to HACKING.rst
On the commit I36592a91001361d816e302745fe8417aee5e7565 , I forgot
to add T111 history to HACKING.rst. So this patch fixes it.

Change-Id: Ib4fd6e6d6f20cbe6c8b2914319aca721fb223850
7 years ago
Matthew Treinish c1802bc956
Use the idempotent id and tooling from tempest-lib
The idempotent id decorator and the check-uuid script were migrated to
tempest-lib as part of tempest-lib 0.10.0. However, tempest was never
updated to use the library version of idempotent id or check-uuid.
This commit updates tempest to remove it's local copies of the
idempotent_id decorator and the check-uuid tool and use them from
tempest-lib instead.

Also, instead of updating the import of every single test module in
tempest an alias is just added to tempest.test to let all the old
imports work seamlessly. Updating the imports and removing the alias
may or may not be worth it in the future, but that will be a follow
on patch or discussion.

Change-Id: Iae3f491ada8f7b55c1fd817e033d968c2102d11e
8 years ago